Celine Triomphe Wallet Review

Celine Triomphe Wallet Review

Highly underestimated wallets and purses are a massive part of our daily life, and Celine adds an extra touch of glamour with their Triomphe collection. It is said that a woman's purse says a lot about herself, and if you are looking for a classy eye-stopper, then this is the purse for you.

Celine Triomphe Wallet Review
The Design

Celine Small Wallet Triomphe in Triomphe Canvas Tan is inspired by the eternal Parisian spirit. With a contemporary design, this purse is known for its golden clasp, which is sure to get you compliments as you whip it out of your bag.


(Quick Unboxing – above)

The wallet is created using a stamped black calfskin that lines the outer side. On the inside, open the wallet to a warm, tanned leather. Moreover, the calfskin offers a long-lasting and luxurious feeling to this wallet. Finished with the emblematic golden Celine symbol, the purse closes using a snap button. Also, the contrast between the stamped black leather and metal gold clasp makes this wallet the perfect fit in a luxury handbag. But if you want something unique, you can purchase the wallet in eight colours (pink, blue, black, etc.).

Celine Small Wallet Triomphe in Triomphe Canvas Tan Review
Celine Small Wallet Triomphe in Triomphe Canvas Tan Review
Celine Triomphe in Triomphe Canvas Tan Review
Celine Triomphe Canvas Wallet Review
Small But Smart

The Triomphe wallet measures 4″ X 4″ X 1″ (10.5 X 9 X 3 cm). This is a perfect size for a wallet as it allows you to stock many items but only takes up some of the room in your bag. Easy to grip with one hand, you can whip it in and out of your bag without struggling or catching it on the sides. The wallet's interior offers space for your card/ money and valuable items. Also, inside, you will find one folded coin pocket with the same snap button as the exterior, five card holders, one note pocket and a flat pocket ideal for bank notes. This purse is ideal for those who don't carry so much cash, as the snap closure allows you to store a minimum thickness.

Celine Triomphe Wallet Review
Celine Triomphe Canvas Wallet Review
Celine Triomphe Canvas Wallet Review
My Review

I purchased this small wallet as a gift to myself, and I couldn't be happier with it. Starting with how beautiful it looks, I always get compliments from my friends about how pretty it is.

I have it with me daily, which helps to keep my cards organized. The wallet fits quite a lot inside and is quick to access. Moreover, I haven't encountered any problems with the snap closure or the leather. It is a high-quality purse that you can rely on for a while. It left me wondering why I didn't purchase it earlier.

Celine Triomphe Canvas Review
How to care for your leather?

We use our wallets multiple times daily, not always with the cleanest hands. So here are a few of my steps to keep your leather healthy:

  • Clean your purse with a soft cloth and non-scented body lotion. This helps to capture any greasy layers on the surface whilst restoring moisture to the leather.
  • Keep it away from humidity and direct water contact.
  • Lastly, do not apply any chemical substances to clean it, as this will dry out the leather, which can lead to cracks or peeling over time.
Where To Buy It?

Celine Triomphe wallet in canvas tan is available at:

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