Must-have Scarves for this Fall & Winter

Must-have Scarves for this Fall & Winter

It's the season for coats and scarves, and while coats/blazers are easy to pair, scarves can be a little tricky to work with. Scarves are a statement piece for clothing; they can make you look ten times classier when paired right. Here is your complete guide for scarves so you can look your best all season long.

Types of scarves

There are numerous types of scarves available for you to choose from. Here are some of the hand-picked varieties of scarves for the upcoming winter season.

  • Cashmere scarves

It is one of the best fabrics you can use in winter. It is lightweight but keeps you warm. They have a soft texture which does not irritate the skin even if worn for a long time. There are a lot of colours available in this fabric, and they cause no harm to the environment.

  • Pashmina scarves

An elegant and beautiful choice for winters. They are the softest fabric as well as are easy to carry around as they don't take up much space. You can pair a pashmina scarf with party wear silk dresses as well.

  • Velvet scarves

The range of colours available in this fabric is unmatched, giving royalty vibes. They may be a little thicker than usual, thus making them difficult to wrap them around the neck. But they are warm and perfect for fall and even winter. If you want to take a velvet scarf, keep your outfit lighter, and you will look graceful as ever.

  • Wool scarves

A casual and beautiful choice for everyday looks in winter. Since scarves are long-lasting, ensure to invest in good quality wool, as heap wool can irritate due to its rough texture. A breathable and comfortable wool scarf will keep you warm and comfortable all day long.

  • Alpaca scarves

While sheep wool is considered one of the softest, alpaca wool is lighter and even warmer. It has a luxurious feel and looks, but its unique fact is that it can also keep you cool in summer. So investing in this scarf is one of the best decisions you can make.

  • Linen scarves

These scarves are more suitable for the pre-winter season when it's too warm to wear a jacket but too cold to go in summer clothes. You can wrap it over your summer tops to keep you warm and make your outfit stand out.

If you are worried about finding the perfect scarf for you, we have got you covered.

7 Must-Have Scarves for Fall Winter
1 Loewe Tassel Mohair and Wool scarf

A luxurious scarf made of wool and mohair with the signature leather logo patch. Also, the contrasting pink tassels make it look unique while adding a pop of colour to your basic outfit.

2 Loro Piana Fringe Cashmere Scarf

This cashmere scarf is made in Italy with some of the finest materials. A luxurious, neutral-coloured scarf with fringe details to go with all your outfit.

3 Lower dip dyed Mohair and wool scarf

A beautiful coloured scarf that will keep you warm in winter. It has a leather patch with an embossed logo, making it a statement piece. Also, the degrading effect on the scarf makes it a rare, attractive choice.

4 Rag & Bone Addison Recycled Wool Scarf

It's an ultra-soft and lightweight scarf detailing twisted fringe endings. Moreover, it is available in many colours and is thick enough to keep you warm on cold days.

5 Tissue weight wool and cashmere scarf

Besides being available in several beautiful shades, this scarf is made of the two warmest fabrics available on the market. Therefore, the warmth of wool and the luxury of cashmere can be found in this one scarf.

6 Rosie Sugden Ribbed Cashmere Colorblock Shawl Scarf

Crafted in Scotland, it is a luxurious scarf with four cashmere layers. It has four blocks of cooler consisting of Black, Grey, Nickel and Ivory.

7 Saint Laurent Two Logo Scarf

It is a blend of Alpaca wool and Mohair, making it suitable for winter use. The design is two-toned along the length of the scarf with fringe trim.


Winter is when one cannot experiment with outfits as much as summer, so the accessories make your outfit stand out. Scarves are a great way to add some vibrance to your basic outfits. You now have the complete guide regarding scarves and are ready to slay for the winters.

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