Aerin Cedar Violet Eau de Parfum Review

Aerin Cedar Violet Eau de Parfum Review

Aerin has the perfume you need if you are always looking for unique and one-of-a-kind fragrances. After recently trying the Wild Geranium scent (review here), I was curious to discover more!

Aerin Cedar Violet Eau de Parfum Review
The Cedar Violet Perfume

This woody floral perfume is unlike any scent I have tried, with its fragrant and bright top notes. The perfume sets the scene of a particular landscape: The Adirondacks. A place where endless forest cover mountain peaks and crisp breezes invigorate the body and soul.

Like all of Aerin's perfumes, the bottle is decorated with a semi-precious stone and beautiful packaging designed by the talented watercolour artist Helen Dealtry.

Aerin Cedar Violet Eau de Parfum Review
The Notes

The fragrance opens on a lush green note of Violet Leaf and sweet Muguet, floral and sweet. At heart, Cedar violet hides a bouquet of Golden Gardenia and Jasmine. This floral combination is playful and uplifting. The trio of Amber, Sandalwood, and Virginia Cedarwood brings an earthy richness to the scent. Smooth and sensual, these woody notes last long throughout the day.

The Art of Layering Scents

Aerin's perfume collection has been designed to offer creative freedom to its wearer. You can layer the different perfumes to create a scent of your own. I tried this with my two scents and found it very interesting. Imagine having a fragrance that no one else can buy!

Aerin Cedar Violet Eau de Parfum Review
My Experience

After my first experience with this brand's perfumes, I had to try the layering technique. I purchased the Cedar Violet fragrance as I am fond of this flower. I was not disappointed by the uniqueness and earthy notes that it revealed. The perfume lasted longer than the Wild geranium and got me many unexpected compliments.

I recommend this perfume to those who enjoy “Autumn vibes” from Maison Margiela.

I layered Wild Geranium with Cedar violet and got a surprisingly beautiful scent. The perfumes balance out to perfection and create a delightful floral fragrance. I recommend experimenting with these scents to find your perfect combination.

Where To Buy It?

Aerin Cedar Violet Eau de Parfum is available at:

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