Aesop Gloam Eau de Parfum Review

Aesop Gloam Eau de Parfum Review

Release your inner world with the new Aesop Gloam Perfume

I am back with yet another perfume, but this scent is like nothing I have ever smelt before. Captivating, comforting and powerful.

Aesop Gloam Eau de Parfum Review
The Scent

The Gloam perfume is a floral fragrance enhanced with rich notes of spices. Designed to be unisex, the unique scent will awaken your senses and evolve to fit your universe. Inspired by introspection, the scent plunges you into an imaginary landscape where the outer world seems to fade.

Some would say that Gloam is the scent of mindfulness. Taking a deeper plunge into yourself, a wave of peace and tranquillity takes over.

Aesop Gloam Eau de Parfum Review
The Notes

The perfume opens up with a captivating blend of flowers and spice. The warm trio of Pink pepper, cardamom, and orange blossom set a warm and inviting aura around you. As the fragrance evolves, you discover the floral heart of Saffron, Jasmine Sambac, and Mimosa. Powerful yet, round, these notes are long-lasting and blend perfectly with the final facette of this scent. The perfume contains Iris, Patchouli, and Copaiba on a more powdery touch. The patchouli also adds an earthy touch, ideal for both men and women. Be sure to test it on the skin to get the full effect of the notes.

Aesop Gloam Eau de Parfum Review
My Experience

I have often heard wonders of the fragrances from Aesop and recently got to try out a few scents. Today I am sharing my review of Gloam.

The Aesop scents remind me of smaller niche-type bouquets. Using a blend of unusual and unique ingredients, the perfume instantly activates your curiosity. I tried the scent during my work day, and my friends loved it. The perfume releases itself in bursts throughout the day. Not at all overpowering. This is a perfume for the floral lovers out there.

You can easily distinguish the notes of mimosa and Jasmin from the heart; this adds hours of life to the perfume. Gloam is a concentrated Eau de parfum, so I didn't have to retouch it during the day. This makes a beautiful scent for those who want to step out of the more known scents.

Where To Buy It?

Aesop Gloam Perfume is available at:

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