Amouage Opus XII Rose Incense Review

Amouage Opus XII Rose Incense Review

Amouage, the home of luxuriously unique scents, has added a new fragrance to their “Library Collection” box set. And boy, you won't want to miss this one! If you already know Amouage scents, then you know how good perfumes are. But for those new to the house, I decided to review one of my favourites: the Opus XII Rose Incense.

Amouage Opus XII Rose Incense Review
The Scent

First of all, what does the perfume smell of? Amouage created an elegant Floral Amber fragrance to represent the mystery of the rosebud.

Built around the majestic flower, the fragrance takes you on a journey through a woody, modern note. While looking through the many ingredients that compose this perfume, you will come across some of the rarest and not-so-known star notes that are bound to leave you wanting more.

Amouage Opus XII Rose Incense Review

Top Notes: Elemi, Olibanum (Frankincense) Hyper Absolute, Black Ink Accord.

I know this sounds like a catastrophe, but this trio is marvellous. Amouage selected three uncommon and harmonious notes to kickstart the perfume with power. The fresh scent of Elemi, the smoky scent of frankincense and the sharp note of black ink.

Heart Notes: Damascena Rose Water Essential, Suederal, Frankincense Absolute.

Amouage added sweet rose water and a powdery federal note to follow up. Bringing class and roundness to the perfume.

Base Notes: Myrrh, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Cedarwood.

Last of all, the warm, woody notes of vanilla and sandalwood. Mixed, they create a recomforting scent. These are also the notes that will last in the fragrance.

Amouage Opus XII Rose Incense Review
The Library Collection

Amouage knows how hard it can be to choose a single perfume. And for that reason, the brand created multiple travel/ miniature formats collections. OPUS XII ROSE INCENSE os sound in the recent library collection. Both men and women can discover and play along with three other scents.

Amouage Opus XII Rose Incense
My Experience

Amouage fragrances are generally a big or miss as unique as they come. Made for those who want a stand-out, unique scent that not everyone can wear. Having quite a few Amouage fragrances myself, I was curious to discover yet another perfume from the brand.

The Opus XII rose incense perfume was a pleasant discovery. The rich floral notes are wrapped with a mysteriously addictive smoky note. Lasting all day on the skin, this scent is perfect for those wanting to be noticed. What I love about the perfume is that the rose becomes a not-so-innocent fragrance. As a lover of vanilla, I was pleased to see it included in the formula.

Amouage Opus XII Rose Incense Review

I recommend this perfume to men and women who enjoy a stronger character perfume. It is 100% giving off niche perfume vibes and could be the next Amouage fragrance I purchase.

The matte greyish bottle is capped with a minimalistic black lid. Golden details highlight the name and bottle to give it a more impactful look. Although this is an investment, I think this kind of originality deserves it.

Also, I recently shared about Overture Man and Woman – they both are on my top shelf and I do reach out for them depending on my mood.

Where To Buy It?

Amouage Opus XII Rose Incense is available at:

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