Balmain x Trudon Candle Review

Balmain x Trudon Candle Review

The Two Houses

Trudon: Everything started in 1643 at a candle and spice store in St Honore Street, Paris. Rapidly becoming a provider for royals and the court Trudon grew his business and opened his independent Trudon manufacturer. Creating the most iconic scents around, in 2018 they launched their bee conservancy program.

Balmain x Trudon Candle Review

Balmain is a loyal Trudon candle fanatic. He claims to use the candles in his home and studio, the feminine-masculine balance creating a harmonious ambience. He added Balmain's iconic marinière to the glass container. Carefully covered in gold leaf, each glass has its unique pattern.

The Fragrance

The red & golden design exists in two sizes: classic or great.

Classic size: Weight: 270g / 9.5 oz (as in the picture).

Burning time: 55 to 60 hours

With its highly concentrated perfume every room benefits from the candle. Existing in many different scents, this one is internationally known.

Balmain x Trudon Candle Review

Inside you will find a mixture of different scents that seem to melt into one another. It starts with a floral and feminine touch and then gains masculine character with cedarwood, gunpowder and cigar notes. To finish off it incorporates a deep black rose note.

The Inspiration

The white beeswax of the Trudon candles is the key to its greatness. Offering endless hours of rich, comforting fragrances. Thanks to its slow-burning wax, it is also that you can enjoy this candle for such a long time. The wicks are made of cotton.

The emblem originates from a bas relief found at the old Royal Wax Manufacture,

belonging to the Trudon family. The glass holder is hand-crafted in Tuscany and inspired by the luxurious champagne buckets.

Balmain x Trudon Candle

Below are the keynotes in Balmain x Trudon Candle:

Head Notes: Bergamot, Cedarwood, Grapefruit, Rhum
Heart Notes: Leather, Spices, Moss, Rose, Tobacco
Base Notes: Cistus, Musk, Patchouli

Balmain x Trudon Candle Review

To keep your candle in good shape you can follow some simple recommendations:

Burn your candle 2 hours at a time. This way you get a rich fragrance in your home and don't waste any.

Try to melt the entire surface of the candle. With its perfectly placed wicks, this should be no problem. By doing so you will leave no wax on the sides of the glass holder.

Where To Buy It?

Balmain x Trudon Candle is available at:

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