Byredo Black Saffron Review

Byredo Black Saffron Review

Byredo is a unisex fragrance creator. In 2012 they released their iconic perfume ” black saffron Eau De Parfum”. This spicy, amber fragrance reflects the Indian origins of its founder. Almost reliving childhood memories through this perfume he hopes to inspire unity and inclusion in today's modern world. The perfume's main inspiration comes from an important colour in India “Saffron”. You can find it through many different aspects of local Indian life. From spices to food and the Hindu monks, this colour has a strong cultural meaning.

Byredo Black Saffron Review
The Fragrance

This perfume finds itself most definitely in the Spicy, oriental category. Created for men and women, its evolution can be completely different depending on the skin's acidity. Audacious, this perfume makes you feel powerful.

Byredo Black Saffron Review

Let's take a closer look at the notes hidden inside:

Top Notes

The top notes are the first notes we smell. A sweet & fruity beginning is balanced out with Saffron (Often used in perfumes to hold a leather note). Adding Pomelo brings a bitter citrus scent to the top notes:

Juniper Berries

Heart Notes

The heart notes are second up and add character to the perfume. Here comes that deep leather note, giving the perfume a smoky, woody scent. Joined by an elegant powdered rose and a feisty black violet. Every note seems to dance around the other creating an addictive scent.

Black Violet
Cristal Rose
Accord Cuir

Base Notes

The base notes stay through your olfactory experience. The sweetness of raspberry balanced out with an earthy vetiver note is sublime. This gives the perfume a masculine touch. The blond wood has a similar scent to rain hitting the ground, almost electric:

Blonde Woods

Byredo Black Saffron

Presented in a simple, aesthetic glass bottle, Byredo keeps the design minimalist. Mysterious, giving no hints as to the scent inside.

To enhance the sillage, they created the black saffron hair perfume. For women, a simple flick of the hair becomes hypnotizing. The hair perfume can be a good option for those who like a more discreet sillage. For a better hold spray your hairbrush. They released two sizes for the perfume: 50 ml and 100ml.

Where To Buy It?

Byredo Black Saffron is available at:

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