3 Carriere Freres Candles I am Enjoying This Summer

3 Carriere Freres Candles I am Enjoying This Summer

It's that time of year again. Pack away the cozy scented candles and refresh your space. Carriere Freres has a large collection of scented candles. Here are the top 3 scents for this summer season.

Carriere Freres Candles Review
Carriere Freres Tomatoes, Lycopersicon Esculentum

Starting on a green, fruity note with this Tomato scented candle. As one of the most popular fruits worldwide, this juicy berry will purify the interior spaces.

Benefit: Purifying.

Family: Fruits.

Carriere Freres Candles Review
Carriere Freres Verbena

With a more zesty scent is the Verbena candle. This woody plant was originally found in Ecuador and Argentina. Often used in cooking, infusions as well as liqueurs, its citrus soothing qualities are well known.

Along with its citrus notes come a wake of fresh-cut grass. Rich and green then awaken the room.

Carriere Freres Candles Review

Benefit: Soothing.

Family: Plants.

Carriere Freres Laos Benzoin & Ivory Coast Cacao
Carriere Freres Candles Review

Last of all is the warm spicy scented Laos benzoin candle. Experience a journey through the tropical Trees of God ( Cocoa tree). This candle will light up the warm summer evenings.

Bringing Back Memories

I strongly believe that the right perfume, scented candle or diffuser can change your day. It is scientifically proven that smelling certain fragrances can trigger memories and the feelings that come with them.

Carriere Freres Candles Review
Carriere Freres Candles Review
Carriere Freres Candles

To create their long-lasting scented candles the brand uses an organic vegetable wax that comes from rapeseed. Also, slowly releasing the selected fragrance, allow you to create a certain ambience.

Details: Weight: 185g, Dimensions: 9cm high, 7.5cm wide

The candles are easy to incorporate into your home design. You can place them on a shelf or smaller surface with a medium size. The candles have a burn time of around 45 hours and should be burnt no longer than 2 hours each time. When using the candles make sure to place them on a flat surface. Leave them lit until the entire surface has melted. This way your candle wax will harden straight and you get the most out of the scent.

My Review

I'm not sure one person can have too many candles. Switch and swap these 3 fragrances throughout the season. With plenty of scents to choose from, these 3 are my favourite scents. Moreover, you can find some of them in gift sets, making a great surprise!

Carriere Freres Candles Review

The Carriere Freres candles have an elegant and antique design in their glass holders. I love to keep them after the candle finishes and reuse them. Also, after trying multiple scented candle brands, I can say that Carriere Freres is in my top 3. The fragrance that is released lasts such a long time and smells divine. I love the fact that you can adapt your interior to the mood of the day. Give this brand a try for a long-lasting candle and scent. With slow-burning wax and long-lasting fragrances, you don't need to keep your candle lit for hours on end. Also, these products are entirely recyclable. Meaning you get to have your pleasure without the guilt.

Where To Buy It?

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