Chantecaille Darby Rose Review

Chantecaille Darby Rose Review

Family is at the heart of this modern, floral brand. Completely obsessed with flowers and nature's healing skills. They pride themselves on their scientific progress. Creating addictive products with the purest compositions.

Chantecaille Darby Rose Review
Royalty in a Bottle

We all know that the rose is the queen of flowers. And Chantecaille captured its amazing beauty. Creating a fragrance so addictive, that you can't stop smelling it. Darby is elegant, pure and has a whole lot of flowers.

The Story

Behind every grande perfume, there is a story.
Darby Rose was inspired by the roses found in Chantecaille's garden. Every time she would pass the scent of the roses she was compelled to stay and enjoy it a little more. So, she decided to capture and bottle the exact scent made in her garden.

Chantecaille Darby Rose Review
The Scent

Alongside the roses, they decided to add multiple flowers and woody scents. All of the notes combined to keep the perfume balanced and intense. Let's take a closer look:

Top notes are “Jeweled Raspberry, Italian Lemon, and Burgundy Cassis”

A headnote is the first scent we get, here we have a fruity fresh cocktail to start. Thus, it will add a fresh, sweet scent to the perfume.

Heart notes are “Bulgarian Rose, Pink Magnolia, and Sweet Osmanthus”

Followed by the heart, here are our floral notes. These add a powdered touch and a long-lasting scent.

Lastly, the base notes are “Indonesian Sandalwood, Ambrette Seeds, and White Patchouli”

And to finish a woody under note. This links all the notes together and brings warmth to the perfume. Also, Patchouli adds a slightly chocolaty smell to it.

Chantecaille Darby Rose Review
The Bottle

Chantecaille Darby Rose is bottled in a sophisticated and very minimalist bottle. Decorated with a shiny glass diamond top and a beautiful floral glass print. It is a 75ml bottle, which is a great size compared to the usual 50ml. We can tell that Chantecaille intends to wear it every day.

Chantecaille Darby Rose Spring Fragrance Review

To prolong the scent during the day you can add a few drops to your body lotion. Make sure you use a neutral or a similar scent. You can also spray your hair comb with some perfume and brush your hair afterwards.

Where To Buy It?

Chantecaille Darby Rose is available at:

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