Diptyque Choisya Candle Review

Diptyque Choisya Candle Review

There is no better feeling than sitting at home all cozy and warm, being comforted by the gentle scent of perfume. Being one of the most common gifts to offer, the right candle can make your day a good one.

Dating back to 1961, this French perfume house is internationally known for its fragrances, beautifully scented candles and body/ skincare products.

Diptyque Choisya Candle Review
The CHOISYA Candle

As soon as you light the Diptyque Choisya Candle up a sensual scent of orange bursts into the room. Releasing a whole new mood and energy. The brand is known for its slow-burning candles. The waxes, as well as oils, burn evenly down to the bottom, this is a sign that your candle is healthy and doesn't waste a drop.

The bitter orange blossom has a tarty, dry fragrance that lasts for an amazing 60 hours. Moroever, this is the longest burning scented candle I have ever known! This candle can fit into any space with its 190g and simple design.

Diptyque Choisya Candle Review

The orange blossom scent was perfect for my office and living room. I always tend to avoid citrus-scented candles in the kitchen and bathroom as mixed with other scents can make an interesting cocktail.

The main points that I noted while burning Diptyque Choisya Candle are as follows:

  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • A well-balanced Orange blossom scent.
  • Burns evenly
  • Helps relax and release
  • Lastly, it is a great gift idea.
Diptyque Choisya Candle Review

Here are a few tips & tricks I picked up on the way to keep your candle and its scent healthy:

1. Trim and Clean the Wick.

Black smoke is a signal to take a closer look at your candlewick. The ideal length is around ¼ of an inch.

2. Always take into account the size of your room or space compared to the candle. Some candles are designed for bigger rooms and others for more intimate spaces.

3. Lastly, Don't burn it for too long.

The ideal burn time is around 2h each time. So, overburning a candle can result in a waste of product and scent.

For summers, I am currently enjoying Diptyque Eau Rose Eau de Toilette for myself.

Where To Buy It?

Diptyque Choisya Candle is available at:

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