Diptyque Paris Do Son EDT Review

Diptyque Paris Do Son EDT Review

Diptyque fragrances have the power to take you on a journey from the comfort of your home. Each scent is as unique as its story, and today we are diving into the universe of Yves Coueslant with the scent “DO SON”.

Diptyque Paris Do Son Eau De Toilette Review
The Perfume

The Do Son fragrance is a light and floral scent. Inspired by the childhood memories of one of the brand's founders, it leaves your sensations tingling each time you wear it.

Diptyque Paris Do Son Eau De Toilette Review
The Inspiration

It is said that odours take us back to a place or person we know, and that's exactly what this perfume was created for.

Taking a step into the deep and fond memories of Yves Coueslants memories. Do Son represents the mixture of scents found as he wandered the streets of Do Son in Ha Long Bay. A fresh sea breeze would whip up the almost spicy scent of tuberoses. In Indochina, at the Haiphong market, tuberoses, jasmine and ylang-ylang are wrapped with large canna leaves to form small offering bouquets.

Diptyque Paris Do Son Eau De Toilette Review
Diptyque Paris Do Son Review
The Notes

The perfume was created using raw materials such as Tuberose, Orange blossom, and Jasmine. This flower trio works perfectly, making a fresh and comforting floral note. Diptyque also included a deep and almost masculine Marine accord to the perfume. Just like in Do Son, the sea breeze elevates the floral notes.

Diptyque Paris Do Son Review
The Bottle

Classical elegance always amazes me in the Diptyque designs. The Do Son bottle looks like a regular bottle from the front, but from the back, it is possible to admire the landscape from which the fragrance originates. Dressed in a transparent glass bottle, the floral juice captures and reflects light.

If you are considering offering this fragrance to a loved one, why not make it extra special by purchasing the limited edition?

Where to get your Diptyque scent?

If you wish to purchase one of these beautiful scents, you can find multiple stores in the United States, Europe and Asia. Diptyque offers excellent service and always makes you feel extra special. If you are short on time, head to their site for an at-home delivery.

Diptyque Paris Do Son EdT Review
Diptyque Paris Do Son Eau De Toilette Review
My Review

Having travelled around multiple countries worldwide, I know it is a true gift to be able to capture a moment through perfume. Diptyque Do Son fragrance is beautiful, and I love how it instantly boosts ythe mood. Like a breath of fresh air, the scent has a long-lasting and addictive sillage. I only recently discovered this scent, which sits high on my list of floral fragrances. The Eau de toilette is easy to wear and stays long enough thanks to the jasmine notes inside.

Do Son is a fragrance for those who enjoy floral, powdered perfumes. It is well worth discovering, and you can ask for a sample in-store before taking the step to purchasing it.

Choosing a perfume as a gift can feel daunting, but this scent is low risk. It makes an excellent perfume for any time and any occasion.

Where To Buy It?

Diptyque Paris Do Son Eau De Toilette is available at:

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