Diptyque Paris Eau Rose Eau de Parfum Review

Diptyque Paris Eau Rose Eau de Parfum Review

A modern interpretation of the classical Rose scent

If you love floral scents or roses, this perfume should be up your street. Diptyque released this fragrance a while back as an EDT. In this more recent scent, the flower takes an unexpected turn, leaving you wanting more.

The Eau de rose perfume: Where elegance meets innovation.

This floral perfume has much more in store than a simple powdered rose fragrance. By using some of the best-known techniques in the perfume industry, Diptyque created this unique scent.

It is said that a good rose has a gentle scent of the artichoke to it, and that's just what this perfume reveals. With a trio of roses combined to perfection, the Eau de parfum leaves you with an addictive sillage throughout the day.

Diptyque Paris Eau Rose Eau de Parfum Review
The Fragrance

Eau de rose is built around two main ingredients: An absolute of Damascena and centifolia roses. Already present in the fresher version of the scent (EDT), these flowers bring freshness. Therefore, the brand had to find a special touch to make the perfume as unique as it is.

Diptyque Paris Eau Rose Eau de Parfum Review

The Firad Rose Essence

This rich rose essence has a fruity accent of litchi to it. It is obtained by upcycling the floral waters that remain after extraction. By using this technique, the more fruity notes of the flower are revealed.

The fragrance also contains notes of honeyed camomile and a singular, green, vegetal accord of artichoke. Combining fruity, sweet and green, the scent gains character and longevity.

Notes: Roses Damascena & Centifolia, Chamomile, Litchi.

Diptyque Paris Eau Rose Eau de Parfum Review
The Difference Between EDT and EDP

EDT: Rose damascena, Rose centifolia, Litchi accord, Ambroxan.

The EDT has a fresh green scent to it. In this fragrance version, the Damaneca rose takes the front stage. Using the bud, stem and leaves to obtain a green fragrance.

Diptyque Paris Eau Rose Eau de Parfum Review
Limited Edition Packaging

Whether it is a gift or for yourself, indulge in the beauty of the holiday glam. For the holiday season, the fragrance takes on a new appearance. The bottle is delivered in a deep red box and takes on a golden glow. The Diptyque Oval keeps its rose stems but with a touch of luxury. It is the ideal gift for those who already know the scent or love rose-fragranced perfumes.

Diptyque Paris Eau Rose Eau de Parfum Review
Diptyque Paris Eau Rose Eau de Parfum Review
My Review

Rose-based perfumes always take me back to old memories. When I discovered this scent, I was taken by surprise. The fragrance has the elegance of a rose with a younger, more vibrant accent. I could instantly smell the sweetness of the litchi mentioned in the notes. Also, the bottle is minimal and a good size. The perfume was present for 4-5 hours and worked well on fabrics or accessories. This perfume makes a beautiful gift for the Christmas period and is sure to brighten the person's everyday life. I recommend taking a sample of the scent before opening the bottle. That way, you can always exchange the fragrance if needed.

Where To Buy It?

Diptyque Paris Eau Rose Eau de parfum is available at:

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