Escentric Molecules M+ Collection Review

Escentric Molecules M+ Collection Review

Escentric molecules date back to 1973. It was created in a lab and kept a secret until then. Although it is present in most perfumes in small quantities, it has always been the backstage star. The perfumer Geza Schoen adored the scent of the single-molecule so he decided to push it to the frontline. Creating an addiction, minimalist perfume.

After testing the perfume on a night out Geza Schoen realized the potential of this single molecule. He started his collection by designing 2 fragrances.

Escentric Molecules M+ Collection Review

The first perfume would be a brave move for the brand. With the mesmerizing fragrance containing 100% of Iso E, the scent is compared to a hyper-modern cedarwood note with a velvety touch. The molecule itself is not a natural molecule, it was created in a lab. The wearer seems to find that the scent vanishes and then reappears. Laying very close to the skin it bonds with our olfactory receptors.

The brand issued a warning that the scent is 100% hypnotic.

Escentric Molecules M+ Collection Review
Escentric Molecules M+ Collection Review

Geza wanted to push his work further, wondering what are the limits to this magical molecule. After seeing the success of M01 he wanted to create something different. So he had the idea of adding a single ingredient to M01. After researching the selected 3 scents:

M01 + Patchouli
Escentric Molecules M01+ Patchouli Review

This perfume is composed of the unique Iso E molecule that gives a warm cedarwood note and a singular aroma: Patchouli.
When designing the fragrance Geza envisioned a certain period: the sixties and seventies. To get the exact intensity he desired he used two parts of the plant:

•Patchouli Coeur for a clean and soft touch.

•Patchouli oil from Indonesia for a little bit of a stronger note.

You can purchase the fragrance in different sizes, down to 7.5ml. So you can always keep it close to you. Decorated with a minimalist bottle and a warm circular design.

M01 + Iris
Escentric Molecules M01+ Iris Review

Basing itself on the Iso E molecule it also contains the warm cedarwood base note. This time Geza was thinking about something else. As he explains, Iris is not easy to detect. It brings a creamy powderiness to perfumes. A true Iris lover, the entire Escentric collection contains it.

Inside the M01+ he uses the Iris pallida absolute. This is known to be one of the most expensive ingredients in the fragrance industry. It is said that Iris is very close to the scent you get when opening a new makeup powder or violet.

M01 + Mandarin
Escentric Molecules M01+ Mandarin Review

Like the entire M01, this fragrance departs on a warm cedarwood-like note. This time a zesty mandarin note joins it.

Mandarin is usually a short-lasting scent as it evaporates easily but Geza added extra shading. It is rare for two very different notes to create a harmonious scent. This fragrance is ever-changing, starting with 2 notes entertained and ending in a warm, solo.


This unique brand has created fragrance-free perfumes, changing the whole perfume industry.

Where To Buy It?

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