Goldfield & Banks Australia Blue Cypress Review

Goldfield & Banks Australia Blue Cypress Review

Are you a lover of the great outdoors? If so, this scent was made for you. The sophisticated fragrance “The Blue Cypress” takes you on an adventure through the Australian wilderness, awakening your senses.

Goldfield & Banks Australia Blue Cypress Review
The Blue Cypress Perfume

The Blue Cypress fragrance is a rich, woody, and aromatic blend. The perfume's cobalt-blue water reflects its highly invigorating and refreshing scent. As the perfume evolves from its woody base, it releases bursts of green Eucalyptus and the famous Cypress trees of Australia. Overall, this zesty unisex scent is perfect for the hotter seasons and leaves you with a long-lasting sillage.

Psst: Did you know Goldfield & Bank's perfumes have 20% of essences inside? Therefore, perfumes perform well even in extremely humid weather.

Goldfield & Banks Australia Blue Cypress Review
The Inspiration

The Blue Cypress perfume is inspired by the beautiful dewy mornings of Australia. As the dew evaporates at sunrise, the Eucalyptus and Cypress trees release a natural aroma. Goldfield & Bank's captured this splendid moment and incorporated it into their scent. Also, this perfume releases a crisp green note like the morning sun on the soft foliage.

Goldfield & Banks Australia Blue Cypress Review
The Notes

Goldfield & Bank's selected some of the purest ingredients to craft this scent. A blend of spices and floral ingredients from all corners of the world combine to achieve this extremely sophisticated scent.

The Star of the fragrance and unique to the country is the Blue Cypress Australia. Extremely smooth, this active brings a woody touch to the scent without overpowering it. Then, the perfume takes a more intense and awakening character, followed by a floral bouquet of Bulgarian Lavender and Indonesian Patchouli. Also, Patchouli is well-known in the perfume industry for adding intensity and longevity. Last but not least is a combination of Indonesian cloves and Indian Star Anise. Combined with the fresher notes, these spices bring balance as well as roundness to the scent.

Goldfield & Banks Australia Blue Cypress
My Experience

It was my first time trying Goldfield & Banks perfumes, and I was pleasantly surprised. The unique blend of woody and citrusy notes is balanced and leaves a lasting impression. I got many compliments from my work colleagues, both male and female. The brand offers cruelty-free and concentrated perfumes, which is a huge plus! Thus, I recommend this scent to those who want to try something new and stimulating.

My husband tested it out, and it smells completely different from when I wear it. And hey, sharing is caring.

Where To Buy It?

Goldfield & Banks Australia Blue Cypress is available at:

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