Hermes Twilly Ginger Review

Hermes Twilly Ginger Review

I finally discovered Twilly ginger from Hermes after a long wait. Here I reveal to you its special character and my opinion on this new perfume.

Hermes Twilly Ginger Review
The Twilly Collection

The Twilly collection debuted in 2017 with a more fruity, floral scent. When creating the new “ginger” edition, Hermes had to respect the flowing signature of the Twilly range. The latest version shows a modernized, pushing toward genderless fragrance. Yes, that's correct; this perfume may also suit certain male perfume lovers.

Hermes Twilly Ginger Review
Same perfume, different smell

Everyone has been there before, searching for a perfume someone has been wearing. Although you know the name it just isn't the same?

That's normal, perfume is an ever-changing experience. When a person applies perfume to the skin, their natural pH and lifestyle can modify the scent. Jumping back to what I said about genderless perfume is a great example. The best way to try perfumes is on the skin. First select 3-4 that you like on scent sticks then spray a couple on your skin to see how they evolve.

Another perfume I love from Hermes is Un Jardin sur le Nil.

Hermes Twilly Ginger Review
Hermes Twilly Ginger

The sparkle of the Hermes girls. Twilly ginger has a spicy character. Created with three rich materials, it is a warm, sensual fragrance. It has a long-stay scent thanks to its highly concentrated Eau De parfum. Inside you will find:

Head notes: The first scent you will experience is a vibrant peony flower. With its floral, fresh green notes it uplifts the perfume.

Heart notes: The star of the perfume is bright candied ginger. With sweet, spicy notes it adds a warm oriental note.

Base notes: Holding the perfume together is a lively cedar scent. With its woody, earth notes it balances out the other scents. Offering an endless sillage.

Hermes released the perfume in 3 sizes: 35ml, 50ml and 85ml.

Hermes Twilly Ginger Review
Any last words?

After trying it out over a couple of days, I recommend this perfume to those who like a spicy, warm fragrance. I got many compliments, and it lasted all day long. Twilly you have my heart.

Where To Buy It?

Hermes Twilly Ginger is available at:

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