Initio Parfums Oud for Greatness Perfume Review

Initio Parfums Oud for Greatness Perfume Review

As the Autumn season approaches, it's time to change your perfume wardrobe. Yes, you heard right! Today, we discover the brand NEW Oud for Greatness scent.

The Oud For Greatnesss EDP.

Initio Parfums Oud for Greatness Perfume Review

Initio perfumes are well known to have unique and curious scents. This is for you if you love niche perfumes with a little more character than usual. The Oud for greatness is an Eau de Parfum that represents the force of nature. Using the natural essence of Oud, this unisex perfume takes on a fresh and woody note. Initio has combined astonishingly fresh and spicy notes to achieve a perfectly balanced fragrance. With this perfume, Initio invites you to embrace your dreams of greatness.

For who?

The Oud for Greatness is a unisex scent designed for those who like a warm and intense sillage. The Eau de parfum adds character to your outfit and leaves an addictive trail behind you. The scent is composed of ingredients often found in masculine scents. Also, Initio invites both men and women to try this scent.

The notes.

Initio Parfums Oud for Greatness Perfume Review

Made in France, the Oud for Greatness scent is fresh and woody.

The perfume opens with a Natural Oud Wood and Agar Wood Oil duo. Rich and enveloping, this woody combination plunges us into the Autumnal forests. 

In the heart of the scent lies a fresher note of Lavender and Saffron. This unusual pairing creates mystery and intensity within the scent. Moreover, the Oud for Greatness is a perfume that will last you all day. 

Last of all, to harmonize the woody and fresh scent, Initio enriched the perfume with the powdered and skin-tight notes of Patchouli and Musk.

A bottle worth displaying.

Initio Parfums Oud for Greatness Perfume Review

In this Falls edition, Inition has given its scent a dark and almost magical appearance. Also, the full black glass bottle is decorated with golden designs, resembling illustrations of tarot cards. 

Is this connected to the perfume's intentions of releasing inner dreams?

A scented candle to match your perfume.

The Oud for Greatness is perfect for setting that cozy, warm ambiance during the cooler season. Initio candles have an excellent reputation and have been part of my winter routine for a while now.

Check out the full review here.

Initio Parfums Oud for Greatness Review

My review.

From the moment I lay eyes on this perfume bottle, I just knew I would love it. The Oud for Greatness has all the elements to be a leading scent this season. With its warm, sensual notes, the perfume wraps itself around the wearer like a second skin. Lasting for hours, you can quickly notice the scent on your jacket or scarf the day after. 

Me and my partner both tried the scent and got completely different outcomes. The difference in acidity in our skins brings out a more feminine or masculine touch. I loved how fresh and soothing the lavender note is and how it perfectly matches the spicy Saffron.

Overall, this perfume is ideal if you are into stronger-smelling scents and have a long-lasting love for Oud. This wood note is often found in Oriental scents and gives the perfume a true niche feeling. 

Where To Buy It?

Initio Parfums Oud for Greatness Perfume is available at:

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