Initio Parfums Paragon Extrait De Parfum Review

Initio Parfums Paragon Extrait De Parfum Review

Lift your spiritual body

Initio is your brand if you enjoy a more holistic approach to your perfume. Inspired by ancient traditions and the power of nature. The Paragon fragrance is a purifying and protective perfume.

Initio Parfums Paragon Extrait De Parfum Review
Paragon The Perfume

The Paragon fragrance is more than any other regular scent. The fragrance takes your soul on an adventure each time you use it with a certain sense of fullness. The vibrant perfume stimulates both your mind and opens your heart and was regularly used in initiation ceremonies practised by the Inca shamans. Paragon promises to bring you the beneficial qualities of its ingredients whilst leaving you with a beautiful sillage. The perfume can be purchased in two formats: the 90ml and the travel size 10ml.

Initio Parfums Paragon Extrait De Parfum Review
The Hedonist Collection

Initio created the Hedonist collection by using powerful natural ingredients to stimulate your mind and body. With high-quality formulas, the perfumes act as three mantras: Rehab, Musk therapy, and Paragon. Inside this trio, you will find the paragon fragrance.

Rehab: An ecstatic experience of perfume.

Musk therapy: Boosts your mood and promotes well-being and relaxation.

The first two fragrances focus on the physical body by promoting well-being and relaxation. Paragon focuses on your spiritual body.

Initio Parfums Paragon Extrait De Parfum Review
What Is Your Spiritual Body?

The spiritual body is what makes you who you are. Your spiritual body is the harmony of your mind and soul—invisible to the eye yet present throughout your everyday life. Like most things, your spiritual being runs off vibrations and energy. Paragon has a goal to lift your energy and leave you feeling empowered.

The Notes

Initio Parfums Paragon fragrance is a combination of floral, fruity and woody notes.

  • Floral: Bergamot, White Sage, and Lavender
  • Fruity: Plum and Black Pepper
  • Woody: Palo Santo, Sandalwood, and Agarwood perfume extract
Initio Parfums Paragon Extrait De Parfum Review
My Review

It was my first time discovering Initio's fragrances, and Paragon has such a unique character. The perfume opens up with some beautiful notes and instantly stimulates the senses. Long after, the woody notes arrive. Creating a powerful yet smooth touch, the fragrance plunged me into a calm and aware mood.

I firmly believe in aromatherapy and recommend this to anyone who searches more for a fragrance than its scent. The Paragon has a powerful sillage and lasts all day long. Perfect to wear on the skin or your winter scarf.

Initio Parfums Paragon Extrait De Parfum Review

The experience made me aware of how important our sense of smell is. Impacting our day-to-day life, fragrances have the power to boost our moods without us even knowing it. I love the minimalistic bottle, which harnesses the logo on a metal plate. And also think it is excellent the brand released a smaller format to discover.

Perfume Lingo

When searching for your perfume, it is easy to get confused. So, I added a guide to the different concentrations to help you choose what is best for you (strongest to weakest).

  • Perfume extract: Pure perfume
  • Eau de parfum: A diluted version of perfume but still powerful
  • Eau de toilette: A diluted version of perfume with shorter longevity
  • Cologne: Light-scented, it is perfect for refreshing. Intimate perfume
Where To Buy It?

Initio Parfums Paragon Extrait De Parfum is available at:

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