Krigler Villa America 220 Review

Krigler Villa America 220 Review

Have you ever wanted to capture a moment or place? Well, that's just what Krigler did when creating Villa America 220. This exclusive brand is hard to get a hold of, so I had to share my experience with you!

Krigler Villa America 220 Review
The Story

The brand itself originates from a perfumer and has travelled globally, enriching itself with different cultures. But villa America is a specific moment, a memory that can endlessly replay itself and be shared with people who haven't even stepped foot there. The perfume was inspired by an estate located in Cap d'Antibes in the 1920s. Taking you on a walk through the glorious summer-lit garden at Villa America, Krigler selected only the purest notes for this fragrance. A home owned by Americans and accessible by only the most elite in the world. It was a true place of art, culture, heritage and inspiration to Krigler.

Krigler Villa America 220 Review
The Notes

Through the notes, Krigler takes us on an olfactive journey. With an abundance of wildflowers: Lemon, Sagebrush, Magnolia. The perfume has a smooth fresh floral lead. As you continue your journey natural wood tones come to life: Sandalwood, Amber. This adds character and uniqueness to the fragrance. Last of all the perfume takes an unexpected twist. With a contrasted sea-like breeze of Aquatic notes. Like a breath of fresh air, this revives and lifts the perfume.

Villa America 220 was released as a unisex fragrance. Its vibrant citrus notes and rich warm woody undertones exceed the average perfume in terms of longevity. The fragrance is available in 3 different sizes ranging from the 2ml sample to 50ml or 100ml bottles.

Luxury service from A to Z.

Entering the world of Krigler is an experience in itself. The perfumes are found in the most luxurious hotels in America such as The Ritz, The Plaza, etc. If you can buy it in-store then I would 100% recommend it. Krigler has kept the iconic bottle throughout his perfume evolution. The bottle is dressed for success.

Krigler Villa America 220 Review
My Review

The perfumes are a true investment. The high price is justified by the quality of the product and the service given with each fragrance. I opted for a sample size of 2ml to be sure of my choice.

I tested the fragrance on a scent tab and on my skin. Both presented a fresh, citrus and floral fragrance but evolved differently. As you may already know, perfumes can react and alter depending on your skin's pH. This is why I insist on trying it on your skin before buying. On the skin, villa America 220 evolves into a warmer woody scent. Close to the skin, it creates a smooth, enveloping wake.

Krigler Villa America 220 Review

In terms of strength, I would say it is a strong but not overpowering perfume. As Krigler used aquatic notes in this perfume it is easier to wear. It is said that perfume does not have a seasonal preference, which applies to villa America 220. Another strong point with Krigler perfumes is their exclusivity. Standing out from your ordinary fragrance, your scent becomes as unique as you are.

Where To Buy It?

Krigler Villa America 220 is available at:

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