La Prairie Cellular Energizing Mist Review

La Prairie Cellular Energizing Mist Review

Are you looking for a scented body mist that helps preserve your skin health throughout the seasons? If so, look no further than the energizing body mist.

The Scented Skincare Body Mist

La Prairie Cellular Energizing Body Mist Review

This Hybrid body mist doubles up as a body fragrance and skincare mist. The lightweight mist spreads a veil of awakening botanical actives across the skin, giving the senses a fresh and uplifting scent. Using the well-known Aromatherapy technique, La Prairie designed this body to have energizing and mood-enhancing actions on the body and mind. Let's look at the botanical essences hidden in this formula.

What's Inside?

The scented body mist infuses your skin cells with energy and nutrition in each spray. Inside, you can find a blend of oils:

  • Pink grapefruit: This gentle exfoliating active is the perfect way to brighten and smooth the skin tone.
  • Cardamom: Rich in antioxidants, this active ingredient helps improve the skin's appearance and stimulates blood flow.
  • Verbena: This active has a soothing action on the skin and brings a sense of calmness.
La Prairie Mist Review

How And When To Use It?

The energizing cellular body mist can be used as much as you like and makes an excellent scent for starting the day or snuggling down in your cozy pyjamas. Its scent is not overpowering and would be well suited with fresh perfumes.

La Prairie Cellular Energizing Mist Review

My Review

I regularly use body mists and lotions, so I was excited to try this one. The energizing cellular mist is the perfect balance between a scented mist and skincare. The mist is super fine and leaves a profoundly hydrating veil on the skin. I recommend this product to those needing more time to apply a body cream or lotion. I loved the fresh scent and how it instantly awakens the senses. 

Since I started using this mist, my skin looks much healthier and smoother. After the shower, I spray it all over my body and can't get enough. It's pure bliss to use and takes just minutes. The energizing body mist reminds me a lot of Clarin's ” Eau de soins” but with a more modern scent.

Check out the moisturizer I recently emptied from La Prairie, Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation Cream (review here). 

Where To Buy It?

La Prairie Cellular Energizing Mist is available at:

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