Maison Margiela REPLICA Sailing Day Review

Maison Margiela REPLICA Sailing Day Review

The aquatic unisex fragrance from Maison Margiela

Take a plunge into this fresh and marine perfume this summer. The sailing day may be your next fragrance if you are fond of new and awakening scents.

Maison Margiela REPLICA Sailing Day Review
The Creative Collection From Maison Margiela

The “Sailing Day” REPLICA perfume is part of the brand's most popular and unique collection. Using iconoclast fragrances that challenge traditions and beauty norms, they can create a mighty universe. Above all, the brand works hand in hand with some of the best perfumers to bring to life, celebrate and share those close-to-heart feelings and emotions.

The Inspiration Behind The Scent

Behind every Maison Margiela fragrance lies a story. You embark on a journey across the vast oceans in this fragrance. The eau de toilette “Sailing day” dates back to 2001. This unisex fragrance revives that fresh as well as salty experience using a combination of aquatic deep sea notes.

Take a second and close your eyes; picture the endless sea and the soft breeze on your face while the sun's warmth touches your back. Welcome to the sailing day.

Maison Margiela REPLICA Sailing Day Review
The Notes

The brand has used a rich aquatic accord with coriander to achieve this awakening and aquatic scent to achieve freshness, red seaweed essence, and ambergris for the underwater world. Combining the scent becomes a woody marine fragrance that will brighten your day.

This scent should be appreciated by those who enjoy l'Eau d'Issey Miyake and Aqua di Gio from Armani.

Maison Margiela REPLICA Sailing Day Review
My Review

The story behind the scent spiked my curiosity and convinced me to give this scent a go. The eau de toilette perfume is everything I expected. Extremely fresh, it plunged my mind into clear blue waters. Furthermore, the fragrance quickly evolves as most notes are volatile and turn into a soft, woody scent.

This perfume is ideal for summer or for those wanting an intimate sillage. It is a perfume that can be smelt once closer to the person. Also, it lasts a couple of hours on the skin and sets a classy ambiance for the wearer.

Also, check out another favourite from this line, ‘Springtime in a Park,' here.

Where To Buy It?

Maison Margiela REPLICA Sailing Day is available at:

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