Ostens Rose Oil Isparta EDP Review

Ostens Rose Oil Isparta EDP Review

No rules, just creations. Welcome to the universe of Ostens.

It all started with six highly detailed crafted Eaux de Parfums. Each Impression Eau de Parfum is inspired by a single ingredient. I was impressed by the brand since I tried Cashmeran Velvet.

Ostens Rose Oil Isparta EDP Review
Rose oil Isparta EDP

Using the Queen of flowers Dominique Ropion created a bold, gender-less perfume. With vibrant and elegant notes the fragrance has intense Middle Eastern origins. When purchasing the rose oil Isparta EDP, you will receive an Eau de Parfum 50ml & 9ml Préparation Oil. With a unique approach to the perfume experience, this perfume offers a spicy, jammy rose scent. Packed with petals from four different varieties of Rose you are sure to spike the curiosity of the surrounding people.

Ostens Rose Oil Isparta EDP Review
The Notes

Ostens Rose Oil Isparta fragrance starts with a spicy kick. Bold & impacting.

Top Notes

Rosemary Tunisian Oil LMR, Coriander Seed LMR, Cardamon Ceylon LMR, Pink Pepper CO2 LMR

To keep the fragrance balanced, Ostens then added some sweet & fruity notes.

Heart Notes

Blackcurrant Bud Absolute LMR, Orange Flower Absolute LMR, Rose Essential LMR, Rose Isparta Oil LMR

Adding a powerful, elegant character to this perfume is the Patchouli oil.

Base Notes

Patchouli Oil LMR, Labdanum Resinoid LMR, Cashmeran

Ostens Rose Oil Isparta EDP Review

Preparation rose oil Isparta 9ml

The fragrance is completed by the rose oil preparation. Created around the Damascena rose from Turkey. The oil stands out from the ‘traditional' rose scent, with a red berry and sweet lychee touch to its notes.

How to use it?

Apply two or three drops of the oil across clean skin using the wand received with your perfume. Apply a little to your wrists, neck and behind your ears. Next, spray the Impression Eau de Parfum over the oil.

Ostens Rose Oil Isparta EDP Review
My Experience

The whole experience of trying this fragrance was delightful! I sampled both products alone and together, and I have to say this perfume is exceptional. If you are a lover of the Rose, I invite you to discover this fragrance. Unlike the usual powdery, sometimes old-fashioned rose. Osten created a vibrant, modern version. With its long-lasting scent, you are sure to conquer hearts. A beautiful perfume for both men and women. With its spicy notes revealing themselves.

Where To Buy It?

Ostens Rose Oil Isparta EDP is available at:

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