Roja Parfums Amber Aoud Review

Roja Parfums Amber Aoud Review

Luxury fragrance fanatics – listen up! I’ve got a new favourite… again! And I guarantee you’ll be obsessed with it, too. It really was love at first spritz for me when I smelled Roja Parfums Amber Aoud EDP for the first time.

Roja Parfums Amber Aoud Review

Roja Parfums is widely viewed by beauty industry experts as one of the most luxury fragrance houses in the world. The brand believes in using the finest quality ingredients on the planet, and this definitely translates through their impressive range of perfumes. As a lover of oud-based scents, I’m a huge fan of Roja Parfums. As a brand, they seem to deliver oud like no one else. In fact, they were the first brand ever to do so!

Roja Parfums Amber Aoud Review

I’m one of those people that wear perfume every day – even if I’m not leaving the house. I don’t know why, I just feel like when I smell good, I’m ready to take the day on. Whether that’s working from home, or hitting the town with my girlfriends! The best part about this fragrance is that it’s suitable for both occasions – and just about everything in between, too. It’s also so classy and so elegant, that whenever I want to feel a million dollars, it’s the only one I reach for.

Roja Parfums Amber Aoud
Key Notes

Roja Parfums Amber Aoud has the below keynotes:

  • Top Notes: Lemon, Bergamot, Lime
  • Heart Notes: Rose de Mai, Jasmin de Grasse, Ylang Ylang, Fig
  • Base Notes: Cinnamon, Saffron, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Aoud, Benzoin, Orris, Birch, Ambergris, Musk

There are so many beautiful notes in the juice of this perfume. It has an element of sweet citrus to it, thanks to its zest of lemon and lime. It also perfectly combines fine fruits and florals to perfectly balance this out – like bergamot, fig, jasmine de grasse, rose de mai and ylang ylang. The best part for me, though, is the woody, heady twist that yet still manages to smell fresh. Spicy ingredients such as cinnamon, saffron, musk and sandalwood add a beautiful warmth to the overall scent, which I just love. And, of course, for me, the oud finish is the part that most stands out.

Roja Parfums Amber Aoud Review

There is a reason why this scent is one of the fragrance industry’s most iconic scents. It has so many layers to it, which all stand out throughout the day. The scent lingers on the skin all day and is as strong at the end of the day as it was when first applied in the morning. It’s an expensive fragrance – and it smells that way, too. 

Roja Parfums Amber Aoud Review

Roja Parfums Amber Aoud is extremely versatile. It would suit a businesswoman in an important meeting, just as much as it would a bride on her wedding day. It has so many elements to it, that there is something for everyone in this perfume.  

Amber Aoud EDP Bottle

Have you ever wanted to buy a fragrance, purely because you know the bottle will look beautiful on your dresser? I’m definitely guilty of this. Not only does this fragrance smell incredible, but the packaging is amazing, too. It comes in a gold-adorned atomizer bottle, with a real Swarovski crystal cap. It’s a real dressing room must-have.

Where To Buy It?

Roja Parfums Amber Aoud is available at:

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