Roos & Roos Nymphessence Eau de Parfum

Roos & Roos Nymphessence Eau de Parfum

Roos & Roos is a new brand to me and since I read about the story behind the brand, it made me more excited to try this fragrance, Roos & Roos Nymphessence, from the house. The brand was founded by two women, a duo of mother and daughter, Chantal and Alexandra Roos. Just to mention here that Chantal Roos was involved with the development of some amazing fragrances like Yves Saint Laurent’s KourosParisOpium; Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Mâle; and Issey Miyake’s L’Eau d’Issey. As Chantal Roos is more into Olfaction, Alexandra excels in music, and the team of Mother and Daughter keep the synergy between the two mediums of olfaction and music merge into to become the soul of this brand.

Roos & Roos Nymphessence

’Another day along the riverside you lay,

stunning in the weeds, and when you awaken, gestures candidly

imbued with the grace of nymphs, the woods nearby

take you below to an enchanted world where mingle flowers and fruits,

pears and mandarins, maybe even magnolia…’

Roos & Roos Nymphessence

Nymphessence was launched in 2016. The nose behind the fragrance is Fabrice Pellegrin and Elise Benat.  Fabrice Pellegrin is the nose behind many of the Diptyque and Jo Maloneès amazing scents. Nymphessence is a woody floral fragrance, illuminated by a spicy green freshness, with touches of pink pepper irresistibly tinged with an accord of pear and mandarin. Filled with a smooth floral heart blending magnolia, freesia and orange blossom, the trail vibrates with passion under the intensity of blonde amber woods lying on a bed of white musks. Packaged in a keepsake bottle illustrated by French artist Christophe Brunnquell.

Roos & Roos Nymphessence

At the edge of the forest, along with the riverside, the nymph, symbol of beauty, lives in an enchanted world of flowers and fruits.

Fragrance Notes:

Top: gourmand freshness with pear and mandarine

Heart: magnolia, freesia, orange flower

Base: blonde amber woods and white musks

Roos & Roos Nymphessence

Nymphessence is a nice everyday fragrance for me, it is not overpowering on my skin. I like woody floral musk in general but specifically in the colder months. The fragrance is light, crisp, and has a nice freshness to it along which is very subtle but can be totally felt. Despite the musk as a base, it is very much wearable during the day and even at work. It is available at Roos & Roos Online,


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