Sisley Paris L’Eau Rêvée d’Isa Review

Sisley Paris L’Eau Rêvée d’Isa Review

The NEW solar perfume from Sisley Paris

If you love warm, spicy scents, then Isa'a dreamy water was designed for you. Today we are discovering the universe behind the scent and why this scent will make you irresistible.

Sisley Paris L'Eau Rêvée D'Isa Review
The Dreamy Water Of Isa

Take a second to immerse yourself in this warm and solar dream. The perfume takes you through a floral garden on a hot summer's day. Isa takes you through every facet of the garden in-depth and with lightness. Extremely sensual, this perfume showcases the miraculous meeting of essences with alchemy. With a masculine-feminine approach, the dreamy water releases a surprising burst of spicy notes.

Sisley Paris L'Eau Rêvée D'Isa Review
The Dreamy Water Collection

Sisley's collection of fragrances tells a unique story of imaginative universes. Inspired by dreams throughout the D'Oranano family, these scents all have their unique feel: warm, fresh, green, etc.

The Notes

The Isa perfume starts with a fresh and dynamic blend of Bergamot, Black pepper, and pink berries. These notes are perfectly balanced to achieve a full summer's morning vibe. As your journey continues, the heart of the fragrance becomes more floral. Using a bouquet of well-known ingredients: Water Jasmine Accord, Rose, and Tea Accord. The perfume envelops you like a ray of warm sun. This fragrance captures the sun's phases throughout the day, from morning to evening. The last notes bring a green, sensual, earthy note to the scent. This makes the perfume unisex—a trio of musks, accord moss, and patchouli.

Sisley Paris L'Eau Rêvée D'Isa Review
My Review

After falling head over heels for the other fragrances in this collection, this scent would be ideal for my husband. The dreamy water of Isa is a warm, seductive scent that leaves space for mystery. Although it is a unisex scent, I prefer it on male skin. Most perfumes could have different evolutions if you didn't already try them.

The perfume is easy to wear and lasts a long time. It has a great character and got my husband plenty of compliments. I particularly love the notes of patchouli and musk, which make this scent comforting and sexy. Overall, I recommend this scent to those who enjoy warm perfumes.

Pssst: If you are still determining which scent is for you, then take their online dream diagnostic! It is free and takes just a couple of minutes.

Where To Buy It?

Sisley Paris L'Eau Rêvée d'Isa is available at:

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