Sisley Paris L’Eau Rêvée D’Eliya Review

Sisley Paris L’Eau Rêvée D’Eliya Review

The NEW tropical scent from Sisley Paris

I am back with yet another fragrance from the dreamy water collection. Today, you will discover the mysterious and hypnotic scent of Eliya.

Sisley Paris L'Eau Rêvée D'Eliya Review
Eliya's Dreamy Water

This perfume plunges you into the depths of a tropical rainforest. As you journey through the leaves, discover a new jungle garden full of mythical birds and unknown sounds. Have you got the picture in your head?

Now I have set the scene of this fragrance; it is time to reveal this radiant juice's intriguing, warm and fragrant notes. Sisley's Eliya perfume is composed of a tropical bouquet and that earthy “after rain” note. Unique in its kind, this perfume is ideal for those who loved the previously released “Eau Tropicale” from Sisley.

The Dream Water Collection
Sisley Paris L'Eau Rêvée Review

Do you already know this collection of perfumes? If not, I have your back. The collection has six mixed fragrances, ranging from warm to citrus and unimagined combinations. Dreams inspire the Dreamy Water collection. But not only, they also bring vast amounts of creativity and imagination into our lives. Dreams feed us with images, memories and sensations. All combined can build up to new universes invisible to the eyes.

Sisley Paris L'Eau Rêvée D'Eliya Review
The Notes

Now we know what universe we are in, it is time to discover the olfactive elements of this fragrance:

The Eliya scent opens on a fresh accord of bergamot, lemon, and exotic flowers. Instantly awakening our senses, the perfume is a great mood enhancer. Following the top notes comes a more floral touch. Released in bursts throughout the day, the Tuberose, Violet, and Jasmine trio add a powerful and lifting scent to the perfume. Like any garden, there are also darker, more earthy notes. Eliya has combined ambrette, cedar, and patchouli to achieve the perfume's mysterious and woody finish.

Sisley Paris L'Eau Rêvée D'Eliya Review
My Review

After discovering the dreamy waters of Hubert (review here) and Ikar (review here), I was curious to know what the other scents had to offer.

I have always been a lover of the tropical water from Sisley, and this sounded like a parallel universe.

Sisley Paris L'Eau Rêvée D'Eliya Review

The Eliya fragrance instantly sends your mind spinning into a tropical frenzy. The blend of floral and citrus notes makes this perfume vibrant. I loved how the scent changed throughout the day, but I had to retouch it as it faded after 3 hours. Eliya is perfect as a summer perfume or for those that love fresh perfumes. Easy to wear, I recommend this scent.

Where To Buy It?

Sisley Paris L'Eau Rêvée D'Eliya is available at:

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