Taos Aer Deodorant Review

Taos Aer Deodorant Review

Founded in the indigenous town of Taos, the company knows the value of natural ingredients. The characteristic that makes Taos Aer better than companies is the purity of the ingredients, which is achieved through minimal processing of the elements.

Since Taos is a desert land, resources need to be sustainable as they cannot be renewed quickly. This inspired Taos Aer to develop products with high sustainability by utilizing renewable sources of energy. All the products are plant-derived and formulated using cruelty-free techniques.

Where To Buy It?

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Taos Aer Deodorants Review
Taos Aer Deodorants Review
Why use Deodorants? What does it do?

The purpose of deodorants is to eliminate body odour. It is primarily applied over the areas which tend to sweat, like armpits, behind the knees, etc. Deodorants turn the skin acidic and that makes it unsuitable for bacteria responsible for the bad odour. Deodorants are mostly alcohol-based. Also, they come in spray form as well as roll-ons. They do not stop the perspiration but rather mask the existing odour.

Taos Aer Deodorants
Why I Like Taos Aer Deodorants

The Taos Aer deodorants are waterless, meaning there are just pure active ingredients without any fillers. Water is commonly used as fillers and by eliminating that Taos Aer is working towards conserving water and reducing the stress on the water supplies.

Taos Aer Indie Lee Energize Deodorants

I loved the deodorant from packaging to performance. All the choices offered sounded rejuvenating. The packaging is beautiful. Since it's aluminum & paraben-free, therefore it is really easy on the skin. Though there might be a white build-up on your armpit hairs with constant use so keep a check for it. It did what the brand claims and I felt refreshed throughout the day. Also, the application is super easy and the packaging avoids any accidental spills.

Taos Aer Indie Lee Energize Deodorants
Taos Aer Deodorant Options
  • Indie lee x Taos Aer Energize

The scent is revitalizing with the goodness of essential oils like eucalyptus, grapefruit, bergamot, and orange which neutralizes the bacteria. It not only absorbs excessive moisture but also dries up quickly when applied.

Taos Aer Indie Lee Energize Deodorant
  • Citrus Vetivert

The uplifting quality of citrus scents is amalgamated in this deodorant which works great for people with an active lifestyle. The scent sometimes leaves white residue on clothes. It has a long-lasting fragrance.

  • Palo Santo Blood Orange

The scent is sweet and sort of earthy. It's highly suitable for hot, humid weather and has a creamy texture. Also, it gives off a woody smell like pine at the end.

Taos Aer Deodorant
  • Ginger grapefruit

The ginger adds spice to the scent and the grapefruit brings a warm refreshment. The deodorant is crisp yet smooth. Moreover, it leaves me feeling clean and fresh after application on hot days.

  • Lavender Myrrh

It smells active and floral when freshly applied but leaves a humble earthy scent as time passes. The scent works best in winter.

Taos Aer Lip Balm Review
  • Lastly, Organic lip balm

Highly nourishing and hydrating with natural ingredients. It also smells refreshing and is non-greasy. Thus, lightweight on the lips. The applicator is convenient and gives great coverage. Moreover, there are no petroleum-based fillers. Thus, it is easier on the environment and protects lips from its harshness. It can be used all year round and the packaging lasts a long time.

Where To Buy It?

Taos Aer products are available at:

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