The Harmonist Matrix Metal Eau De Parfum Review

The Harmonist Matrix Metal Eau De Parfum Review

The ‘Matrix Metal' by The Harmonist is a powerful scent that combines metal notes, feng shui principles, and a blend of botanical oils. The aroma of this powerful perfume is similar to a sharp blade sprinkled with the fragrance to capture the mysterious iced metal aroma. It is a blend of hot and cold, Yin and Yang, with hints of vanilla and spiciness. This is a fragrance for those who are into futuristic and sophisticated aromas. I am enjoying Matrix Metal for over a month now. I am impressed and pleased with how nicely it blends with my skin.

The Harmonist Matrix Metal Review

The Harmonist' Matrix Metal' is an edgy, vibrant, and hot-cold fragrance that combines sharp notes and a creamy freshness. It gives a sense of clarity. The combination of the two notes is both sophisticated and unique. Also, it is a fragrance for men and women, which brings a sense of confidence to the personality.

The Harmonist is a brand that offers fragrances for all spheres of life. Each of its fragrances is designed to enhance an element that you want to achieve in your life. Above all, The Harmonist Matrix Metal has a unique and intriguing scent based on woods, musk, and metallic notes.

The Harmonist – Find the Element

The perfumers at the Harmonist have a unique philosophy, which is inspired by feng shui. Each of the brand's signature scents is inspired by the five elements – Fire, Water, Wood, Earth, and Metal.

The Harmonist Matrix Metal Review

There are five elements that have served as inspiration for The Harmonist perfume lineup.


This modern metal perfume is like a polished surface reflecting light, featuring Bulgarian rose, Rose of May, patchouli, and metallic components. Like a freshly created blade, Matrix Metal has a powerful smell. Scarlene conifers, Landes pine as well as juniper berries combine with smouldering vetiver, amber, and myrrh. An uplifting contemporary Yang scent and captivating Yin aroma.


Hypnotizing Fire is the subtle fragrance with a combination of Madagascan vanilla and Benzoin. Velvet Fire is a captivating scent that embraces like a beam of the midsummer sun. Vibrant but not overbearing, it's a bright Yang aroma that arouses flames.


Guiding Water is a refreshing perfume like morning dew on flowers. Cyclamen, jasmine, and Fleur-de-Lys blend with an ozonic accord. Sacred Water has a soothing aroma that gently awakens and refines Yin. Relaxing undertones of peppermint, moss, and amber. Therefore, I love the wonderful Yang scent that stimulates and relaxes my inner peace.


Magnetic Wood is a fascinating aroma. It has Sweet osmanthus, green mandarin, and refined iris root. Unlike the moving leaves of an ancient tree, golden wood is a beautiful perfume. Even Tobacco and Paraguayan cabreuva wood blend with elemi pepper and bright tangerine deepen the Yang scent that settles in our thought.


Royal Earth is a gorgeous earthy flavour fragrance. Its Yin aroma pulls and empowers the emotions inside us. Desired Earth is a lovely smell that uplifts the lingering Yang fragrance concept. Ambrette seeds, cade Wood, as well as patchouli provide a smoky comfort to Peruvian tolu balsam.

The Harmonist Matrix Metal Eau de Perfume
The Harmonist – Monthly Forecast

The “Monthly Forecast” is a fantastic tool as it understands how an element influences the energy inside us, as Feng Shui aims to bring harmony to our lives with our energy.

The elements are the fundamental constituents of all-natural occurrences, and they may be found in everything we do. Also, Monthly Forecast has a significant role in understanding how we live our everyday lives and alter our focus according to the seasonal perspective.

The “Monthly Forecast” tool allows you to determine the intuitive nature of your desire for a fragrance for a particular season. Thus, it is helpful to make a perfect choice of perfume.


The Harmonist ‘Matrix Metal' fragrance conveys a sense of vastness and precision because of its hot-cold harmony and metallic undertones. From my overall experience, I can confidently state that the aroma will be exquisite no matter what your element is or what you want to get out of it. You should absolutely give the perfume a try to see how it can be a good match for your personality.

Where To Buy It?

The Harmonist ‘Matrix Metal' Perfume is available at:

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