Tom Ford Rose Prick Eau de Parfum

Tom Ford Rose Prick Eau de Parfum

Launched in 2020, Tom Ford Rose Prick is an old-school rose perfume modernized through several notes. You get to enjoy the allure of the old rose with an improvement and perfection of the modern times. It’s a heavenly aroma for anyone looking to feel fresh!

Tom Ford Rose Prick has the most iconic fragrance that you will come across. The intense mixture of strong notes characterizes the perfume. Warm and zesty, Tom Ford Rose Prick prides itself as a top unisex fragrance of modern times. The fragrance comes in a dusky pink matte bottle of the standard shape of a chess piece.

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Tom Ford Rose Prick Review
Key Notes of Tom Ford Rose Prick
Top Notes

Tom Ford Rose Prick has two top notes: Turmeric and Sichuan Pepper. The latter’s peppery note extraction is from Zanthoxylum plant berries and is a spicy, herbal, and aromatic scent. Besides, it also comes with a citrus touch. The best part is that the fragrances are unisex and acceptable to both men and women.

On the other hand, turmeric – also referred to as Curcuma or Indian Yellow Root – has a spicy, earthly, warm note. Like its counterpart, Sichuan Park, turmeric is also unisex and used in women’s and men’s fragrances. Again, turmeric is slightly aromatic and light. It also carries a semi-sweet aroma that blends well with cinnamon, clary sage, orange, and ginger.

Middle Notes

Tom Ford Rose Prick’s middle notes comprised three unique scents: May Rose, Turkish Rose, and Bulgarian Rose. The May Rose blends floral and honey notes, giving it an unmatched refinement to most perfumes. It is also exquisite!

On the other hand, Turkish Rose is a sophisticated scent. The rose accord stays fresh and floral at all times and carries powdered intimations of black pepper. That gives it a subtle and sensual warmth perfume.

The Bulgarian Rose has a combination of cloves, green leaves, raspberry hints, cinnamon, and honey scents. Its unique fragrance has won the hearts of many and is believed to be efficient for aromatherapy treatment.

Base Notes

Tom Ford Rose Prick’s primary notes are two, including Tonka bean and Patchouli. The Tonka bean is a spice extracted from Dipteryx Odrata – a native tree that grows in South and Central America. It contains 90% coumarin – a Vitamin K brand name.

On the other hand, Patchouli is grouped among mosses and woods. The perfume is extracted from an exotic bushy plant in India and comes with a sweet, woody edge, earthly, and dark scent. The odour is prevalent among many blends.

Tom Ford Rose Prick Review
My Thoughts

Tom Ford Rose Prick has a beautiful scent that I am enjoying very much. The scent lasts all day on me. Rose Prick starts off with a burst of turmeric that gives a prickly sensation to the nose. However, after a few minutes the turmeric dies down and sweet jammy creamy rose petals take over. The rose is supported by hints of naturalness from the patchouli and spiciness from the pepper. I find it an interesting take on rose. And that too with hints of turmeric.

Overall, it is both sweet and earthy at the same time. Not overly sweet but well-done. The dry down is excellent. The way Rose tones down to make space for the clear and noticeable earthy tones in this fragrance is beautiful.

Where To Buy It?

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