Tom Ford Tubereuse Nue Review

Tom Ford Tubereuse Nue Review

Tom Ford has launched a new fragrance, Tubereuse Nue. It is a new unisex private blend scent launched this year. The scent is very far from being linear. That means it changes several times before it settles down and I can enjoy it. It starts with a different note and then transitions to other until it finally settles to the note. The time between these transitions can vary depending on the skin's chemistry, temperature, and weather. Tom Ford Tubereuse Nue is an amber floral scent. That means it is a fusion of perfume notes with sweet and warm notes.

Tom Ford Tubereuse Nue Review
Key Notes
  • Top Notes are Jasmine, Lily, Sichuan Pepper
  • Middle Notes are Tuberose, Styrax, Benzoin, and Cacao
  • Base Notes are Suede, Musk, Tonka Bean, Oud.
Tom Ford Tubereuse Nue Review

Tom Ford Tubereuse Nue is housed in a matte ivory version of the Private Blend bottle. It is finished with a glossed, barely-pink plaque, and gilded accents. The bottle has a sleek, architectural look of a chess piece.

Tom Ford Tubereuse Nue Review
My Thoughts

Tom Ford Tubereuse Nue is a strong scent. On the first spray, I could smell something attractive as well as something repelling at the same time. The suede is, I must say, very strong and overpowers the beauty of tuberose and jasmine. As I waited for 5-10 minutes, it transformed into a lovely, sweet, soft floral scent. It is truly a very dense, complex, and interesting fragrance. From the burnt tire mixed with roses kind of the first sniff to the end result of tuberose that is soft, it passes many transformations. I have mixed thoughts about this scent. I know it may be just me and my skin's chemistry. You can always check out a sample before getting a full-size bottle.

Tom Ford Tubereuse Nue Perfume Review
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