Trudon Abd El Kader Candle Review

Trudon Abd El Kader Candle Review

A burst of green freshness

Trudon’s “Abd El Kader” candle can be used all year round but has something fitting for the holiday season. It is a luxurious gift we all want for you or a loved one. Let’s look at what makes this candle so good!

Cire Trudon Abd El Kader Candle Review
The Fragrance

The Trudon candle has a unique and irreplaceable scent. Bringing a soft breeze from the Mascara coast over the mountain tops fills the space with a green scent. The fragrance is subtle yet long-lasting to set the mood around the dinner table or living space. The high-quality wax releases a mixture of Blackcurrant Bud, Lemon, Clove, Ginger, Mint, and Apple. Also, it doesn’t end there. As the fresher notes slowly disappear, the candle releases warmer notes of Jasmine and Vanilla.

Trudon Abd El Kader Candle Review

Luxury in detail.

The Trudon candles are known for their effortless beauty. The candle comes in dark green glass and has the legendary Trudon label.

How to use it?

This slow-burning candle can be placed anywhere around the house. Ideally, a candle is suggested to bur for 2-3 hours each time. By doing this, you keep your candle healthy and don’t waste a drop of that precious scent.

Trudon Abd El Kader Candle Review
Trudon Candle Review
My Review

I recently purchased this candle for my holiday events. Having already used Trudon candles for years, I have no doubts about the quality of the scent. The Abd El Kader fragrance has a deep yet refreshing green scent. Spreading around the room like a fresh air breeze sets a cozy and relaxing mood. The candles have a high concentration of perfume and, therefore, only need to burn for 2 hours each time. Slow burning makes sure to let the whole surface melt first. Also, this scent is available in four different sizes, depending on the space your candle will be in.

The Trudon candles are high-quality products that any candle lover would appreciate. Log- lasting scent, slow-burning wax and beautiful decoration. Overall, the candle ticks all the boxes for me. Over the years, I have collected multiple glass containers from the brand and repurposed them for decorating my house.

Also, check out Trudon Mademoiselle de la Valliere Candle (review here). The tuberose scent is perfectly balanced with the other floral notes.

Where To Buy It?

Trudon Abd El Kader Candle is available at:

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