Veronique Gabai Aroma Collection Review

Veronique Gabai Aroma Collection Review

Aromatherapy at its best: Veronique Gabai's new Aroma collection

Have you ever noticed that certain smells can instantly change your mood? If so, this Mediterranean-inspired French Riviera brand has just what you need. Using the best essential oils Nature offers, they create sublime fragrances that resonate within you.

Veronique Gabai Aroma Collection Review
The Aroma Collection

Veronique Gabai Aroma collection is a perfect balance between perfume and aromatherapy. Using ethically sourced, natural essential oils in their fragrances, they offer profound therapeutic benefits to their users. The ingredients inside are all-natural, biodegradable, safe and clean to use in perfumes. This collection is particularly all about the body, mind and spirit.

Veronique Gabai Aroma Collection Review
The story behind it all

Veronica Gabai is one of the most reliable brands regarding nature, well-being and sustainability.


The fragrances created are more than 97% natural. They use “green chemistry” and 100% biodegradable ingredients to complement and enhance the selected materials. Also, all of the formulas are Vegan-friendly, clean and safe.


The ingredients used inside the fragrances are all Certified Natural and Organic. The formulas are designed with the most dynamic and efficient natural essential oils. By doing so, the perfumes are confirmed to be high quality, ethically and sustainably sourced. Looking after communities worldwide, the brand can trace its ingredients up to 98%.

Veronique Gabai Aroma Collection Review


The perfume bottles Veronica Gabai makes are reusable and refillable. The idea is that the perfume bottle travels with you through your life journey and can be kept for a long time. Most importantly, the brand's perfume formulas are between 75% and 89% green, an outstanding achievement that isn't always promised in perfumery. Lastly, the oils used in the fragrances are 90% biodegradable, keeping you and the planet feeling great.

Veronique Gabai Aroma Collection Review
Veronique Gabai Aroma Fragrances


The first fragrance vibrates through the throat, heart and solar plexus chakras. With a rich, citrus scent, the perfume spikes joy and positivity inside of you. Also known for its anxiety and fatigue-fighting talents, the aroma allows you to open up to others. The citrus note is a natural mood booster with a fresh, awakening scent. Therefore, the Heart fragrance is beaming with optimism for every personality.

Veronique Gabai Aroma Collection Review


The Body perfume is for those who wish to alleviate stress and enhance natural sensuality. The second perfume is deeply connected to the sacral and root chakras. Therefore, bringing balance to our emotions. The potent floral juice aligns the body and mind and promotes self-love.


The third scent awakens your crown and third eye chakras. The perfume has a distinguished character with deep wood and lavender fragrance. Therefore, wearing this scent will make your mental horizons balanced and soothing. Bringing a pleasant feeling to your day. Thus, the Soul fragrance calms any nervous tensions you may be experiencing.

Veronique Gabai Aroma Collection Review

My Experience

As I discovered this brand, I quickly understood that perfume has more than an olfactive effect on us. Finding myself more connected to the Soul perfume, I adored the rich woody scent of the fragrance. Perfect for men and women, the lavender was not overpowering but helped me take a step back and breathe. Long-lasting, the smell would release itself in bursts throughout the day.

Where To Buy It?

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