Davines Haircare NaturalTech Replumping Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Davines Haircare NaturalTech Replumping Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Initially created in Parma, Italy, Davines is a hair-loving brand that helps you care for yourself and the world around you. Offering a vast range of natural products, the brand pushes its “sustainable beauty” to fit your every need.

Where Beauty Meets Technology

Today we will be focussing on the Naturaltech collection. Made up of a harmonious trio, these products combine the best of nature, man and technology. Inside the formulas, you will find natural molecules, powerful antioxidants and innovative complexes treating each problem with a specific action. The Naturaltech collection comprises ten rituals: Energizing, nourishing, calming, elevating, purifying, well-being, rebalancing, replumping, renewing and detoxifying.

Replumping Shampoo

With its effortless, creamy texture, this shampoo is perfect for that everyday refresh. Creating a rich lather, the foam helps cleanses your scalp and hair of dirt and sweat. Also, the formula is gentle and respects the hair's natural structure. When used regularly, the shampoo helps keep your locks hydrated and flexible by locking in moisture. The creamy shampoo contains natural ingredients and antioxidants for all hair types. What's the star ingredient? Plum phytoceuticals.

Replumping Conditioner

For the ultimate result, follow up with this detangling queen. This is for you if you struggle to brush your hair after a shower. Also, the conditioner is packed full of strengthening actives. Helping you keep control of your hair and deeply hydrating the lengths. Above all, this conditioner can be used on all hair types.

My Review

It was my first time testing Davines, and I was excited to try out the products. Having long hair isn't always the easiest. But I have to say the replumping duo sure did help me skip the bad hair days.

Starting with the shampoo, you do not need much product to cover the whole head, which is a plus. The creamy texture rapidly transforms into a rich, non-drying foam. The shampoo releases a refreshing, fruity scent as you work the foam onto the hair/ scalp. The shampoo added a light, bouncy appearance to my hair once dried. This shampoo is ideal for tired and thinner hair types. Lifting your roots from the scalp and boosting flexibility, your hair will look and feel amazing.

Yes, you heard right. This is generally my happy time. I followed up with the conditioner as recommended. The rich, hydrating texture helps you easily detangle and brush your hair in the shower. Try this technique if you struggle with breaking hair while brushing it.

I love the brand's concept and how they try to include a healthy, clean lifestyle into their products. The naturaltech collection has some awe-inspiring ranges that I can't wait to try. Also, you can purchase the leave-in serum to complete the replumping ritual. I am happy with my results and would use Davines Haircare NaturalTech Replumping Shampoo & Conditioner as an everyday product. It's an 8/10 from me!

Where To Buy It?

Davines Haircare: NaturalTech Replumping Shampoo & Conditioner is available at:

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