Davines “This is a Medium Hairspray” Review

Davines “This is a Medium Hairspray” Review

I recently revealed my healthy hair glow secret to you, and I am back to give you more fantastic advice. Finding the right hairspray for you is crucial to getting good results. So today, I will be reviewing my go-to hairspray from Davines.

Davines “This is a Medium Hairspray” Review
This is a Medium Hairspray

Styling your hair for hours for it to fall in minutes. Sound familiar? We have all been there. When styling my hair, I use very few products to get long-lasting results. The hairspray offers a stronghold, moisture-resistant, and re-workable finish. Ideal for locking in heated styles such as curls, waves, etc. The spray helps control frizz and can be worked after drying. This means that your hair stays looking natural and feels light. The golden canned hairspray holds 400ml of product.

Davines “This is a Medium Hairspray” Review
How to use it?

For a healthy scalp and hair, brush it out at the end of the day. Like most other hairsprays, it is advised to vaporize it from a distance. Fast to set, it leaves no sticky finish and should only apply to dry hair.

I always finish my looks with the shimmering hair mist for a light-reflecting, glossy finish. This is particularly useful for blonde hair colours. Check out my review just here.

Davines “This is a Medium Hairspray” Review
My Review

I added this beauty to my hair products and used it for multiple styles, including curls, sleek looks, buns and volume. The spray is fast setting and has a natural look, meaning no extra shine to the hair or greasy roots.

The hairspray is respectful of your hair type and doesn’t modify natural or dyed hair colours. I would advise this to people who often wear their hair up and don’t want the bother of refreshing their look throughout the day. Davines also has a more potent hold spray that will not budge until the second you take it out.

All in all, this is a hairspray that you can trust and will not let you down. If you are a professional looking to renew your products, then Davines has a whole range of hair care for all hair types.

Where To Buy It?

Davines “This is a Medium Hairspray” is available at:

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