Kerastase Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo Review

Kerastase Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo Review

They say you can't buy time, but Kerastase proves us wrong.

All dry shampoo users know what they are looking for in a product. We are all familiar with the absorbing and volume effect that dry shampoo has. But what if I told you Kerastase Fresh Affair has a special touch?

The Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo is all about balance. It is silicone-free and suitable for all hair types, its superfine powdered texture works into your hair like a dream. Say goodbye to the white residue, no more product build-up. Absorbing the excess oil on the scalp and hair, this beauty gives you and your hair some extra free time.

Kerastase Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo Review

Wondering what makes it special? Well, Kerastase has put together three key ingredients to give you a great dry shampoo.

Let’s take a closer look:

Rice starch: Known for its natural sponge-like capacities absorbing oils and also adds amazing volume to your hair. This makes “the fresh affair” the perfect fit when it comes to refreshing or styling your hair.

Neroli oil: These essential oils come from the blossoms of an orange tree. Naturally perfumed and rich in regenerating properties, your scalp is repaired and left with a sweet and spicy scent.

Enriched in Vitamin E your hair and scalp are moisturized all day long. Meaning your dry shampoo is not only making you look great but is also taking care of those split and breaking hairs.

Tips & Tricks

To refresh oily hair: First of all, before applying the shampoo it’s important to shake the can well. Hold the can about 10-12 inches from the hair and spray evenly onto dry hair, focusing on roots and scalp. Creating sections gives an easier application and better result. Let it stand for a couple of seconds and then massage your scalp with your fingers. Brush through your hair if needed and style.

Kerastase Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo Review

Tip: For more volume flip your head upside down whilst massaging the scalp, Kerastase Fresh Affair adds some extra volume.

Prolong your blow-dry: First, shake well then spray the dry shampoo onto the roots and directly work in with your fingertips ( 10-12 inches). This will slow the process of oil build-up and leave your hair with a great scent.

Tips: If you feel too heavy-handed with a styling product, you can spray a little dry shampoo. This should help balance out your fresh hair.

Styling your hair: Are you having trouble keeping your bobby pins in place? Search no more, spray them with “ the fresh affair” before putting them into place. It should do the trick.

Last but not least, the “Fresh Affair” dry shampoo is 150g of pure happiness. Besides its beautiful baby pink colour, amazing scent, and gorgeous results. This dry shampoo has a lot to offer, with the perfect sizing and its featherlight weight it is the perfect travel buddy. You can also purchase the fresh affair in a 34g, ideal if you are travelling with a weight or space limit.

Where To Buy It?

Kerastase Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo is available at:

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