Kerastase Haircare 8H Magic Night Serum Review

Kerastase Haircare 8H Magic Night Serum Review

I had always wanted a transition from wearing hair extensions to rocking my natural hair but it had been very difficult due to the unyielding nature of my hair. I always admired the way one of my colleagues at work usually styles her natural hair in different gorgeous patterns. So I asked her the secret of her hair's silky, shiny and soft look. She then recommended I get Kerastase 8H Magic Night Serum. I did get it, and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in months.

Kerastase Haircare 8H Magic Night Serum Review

Due to the nature of my job and other duties at home, being consistent with a taxing hair routine was almost impossible to achieve. But after getting Kerastase 8H Magic Night Serum, I stopped having to squeeze out time for taking care of my hair. With this product, there was no rigorous hair routine involved. All I had to do was apply 2-3 pumps of the serum on my hair at night when I’m about to go to bed, and boom! I wake up the next morning with my hair glossy and soft as it ever can be. It works just like magic.

Kerastase Haircare 8H Magic Night Serum Review
Why Kerastase 8H Magic Night Serum?

Our hair needs an adequate amount of nutrients for them to grow well but finding a nutrient-filled hair product is usually difficult. Since I started applying Kerastase serum to my hair, I have experienced steady and healthy hair growth. This serum contains 5 essential vitamins and iris root extract that protects the hair from oxidation and provides necessary nutrients for hair growth.

Another advantage of this hair serum is the lightweight formula that is milky-gel-like cream. Unlike other hair products I’ve used in the past, this serum easily absorbs into every strand of my hair. It is non-greasy and non-sticky.

Kerastase Haircare 8H Magic Night Serum Review

I hate having to use a hair routine that takes about an hour or two out of my time in the morning. So, when I found Kerastase 8H Magic Night Serum, I knew I had found peace. Since I started using it, I do not have to wake up with the thoughts of spending time washing off the serum residues from last night. I just style my hair, make my home tidy, and then I’m off to work.

It is the perfect solution for those with dry hair like mine. I have noticed less breakage of hair. It softens hair within eight hours and makes my hair tangle-free. It is easy to use and highly effective. The nice smell of the serum and the fact that it does not leave any residue on my pillows make me comfortable and free when sleeping.

Where To Buy Kerastase Products?

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