Leonor Greyl Voluforme Review

Leonor Greyl Voluforme Review

The best volume and hold hair spray | Lock in place your curls with the Leonor Greyl Voluforme

If you often style your hair, finding a hair spray that meets your expectations can prove challenging. Today, I share my hair savior, the ultimate volume and hold hair spray.

Leonor Greyl Voluforme Review
The Story

Since 1985, Voluforme has been one of the hair care expert's best-sellers and go-to products to lock in place hairstyles. The product was initially used before applying heated rollers to the hair and has adapted to modern-day hair techniques to become one of the best curl-fixing sprays. Using 70% natural ingredients in their vegan-friendly formula, Leonor Greyl offers styling products that work with.

Leonor Greyl Voluforme Review
Key Benefits

Below are the key benefits of using Leonor Greyl Voluforme:

  • Creates volume
  • Boosts shine
  • Supports hairstyles
  • Reduces drying time
What's Inside?

Suitable for all hair types, this lightweight hair spray promises long-lasting curls. The hair spray is enriched with Organic Jojoba oil which infuses your hair with essential vitamins B, C, and, E. By adding this oil to the spray, your hair stays hydrated all day.

How To Use It?

The voluforme hair spray can be used as a setting or volume spray to style our hair.

  • Volume: Spray the roots of your hair with the spray from a distance and enjoy a lifted bouncy look.
  • Setting: Ideal to use before your curlers, the hair spray helps to form long-lasting curls or waves. To fix your looks, spray the hair once styled.
Leonor Greyl Voluforme Review
My Review

The Voluforme hair spray is my go-to product for so many reasons! Starting with its super strong holding talents that don't weigh down the hair. I love using these products when curling or styling my hair as they add volume and structure to my looks. The spray doesn't grease the hair and can easily be brushed out. I recommend this hairspray if you regularly use curlers and have yet to find long-lasting hair spray. Also, the spray lasts me long and is priced at an accessible rate.

I am constantly looking for clean, vegan-friendly products; this spray has a great composition. Overall, I recommend it; you can thank me later!

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Where To Buy It?

Leonor Greyl Voluforme is available at:

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