Olaplex No. 3 Review

Olaplex No. 3 Review

Do you struggle with breaking hair or splitting ends? Look no further than the Olaplex no.3 treatment.

The Strengthening Pre-Shampoo Treatment

This creamy textured pre-shampoo treatment will repair and strengthen your hair in just one use. The treatment should be used weekly (max 3x/week) before your shampoo by letting it sit for around 10 minutes.

Olaplex No. 3 Review

This product is not a conditioner or a mask but a treatment specializing in restrengthening the hair's bond. What does this mean?

It means that our hair is built up of disulfide bonds. When these bonds break, our hair can feel rougher or show signs of damage: breaking, split ends, and discolouration. To prevent this from happening, Olaplex has come up with a life-saving formula. Tackling the problem where it starts, at a molecular level. Week by week, your hair will be stronger and healthier looking.

The Olaplex pre-shampoo is a vegan-friendly & cruelty-free formula. Suitable for all hair types and conditions, you can share this product with your loved ones.

Olaplex No. 3 Review
What's inside?

The no.3 treatment uses the Patented OLAPLEX Bond Building Technology™. Exclusive to Olaplex, it helps to repair and prevent hair damage.

If you are wondering how your hair becomes damaged in the first place, then take a look at our leading causes list:

  • Thermal factors: Hair straighteners, curlers, hair dryers, etc.
  • Environmental factors: Pollution, cigarette smoke, UV rays, cold, etc.
  • Chemical factors: styling products, hair colours, perms, etc.
  • Mechanical factors: ard brushing of the hair.
Olaplex No. 3 Review
My Experience

I have always suffered from breaking hair and am beginning to understand why. After bleaching my hair a while back, it was never the same again. That's why I purchased Olaplex NO.3

This pre-shampoo treatment had me speechless from the very first use. My hair is much softer now and easy to look after. I love the scent of this product, and the creamy texture instantly makes me feel like I'm in a salon. Overall, my hair is much healthier and bouncy. My tips are much smoother, and my hair doesn't seem to tangle as much, which is a relief. I would 100% recommend this product!

Where To Buy It?

Buy Olaplex No. 3 at:

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