Raincry New Scent Collection & Haircare

Raincry New Scent Collection & Haircare

Raincry is a haircare brand founded by hairstylist and crafted by a true beauty enthusiast, Feisal Qureshi, with products that are luxurious as well have an exhilarating performance. Beginning by chance, Raincry’s roots started many years ago when hairstylist/founder Feisal Qureshi was in search of replacing his beloved round brushes. Unsatisfied with brushes in the professional hair world, he set off for France to recreate high-quality, high-performance brushes with the input of many other acclaimed stylists.  The resulting brushes were heralded as the best in the industry and Raincry was asked to continue their product innovation.  

New Raincry Advanced Hair Mist review of Polishing Wash, Radiance Rinse, Brilliance Detangling Spray

Since that day, Raincry has expanded the brand which not just includes brushes but hair care collections and the most recently launched hair scent collection. I have been using both the hair care range and the newest scents since since some time now. I also attended the virtual launch event of the new hair scents collection last month which was very informative, focusing on the story behind the innovation and the newest launches.

I have been using the Shine Hair care range from the Raincry which includes Polishing wash, Radiance rinse, and Brilliance detangling spray. This range focuses on providing shine and brilliance to the hair. The Shine collection is a pH balanced hair care formulation to help give hair shine while keeping them comfortable, soft, bouncy, and healthy.

New Raincry Advanced Hair Mist review of Polishing Wash, Radiance Rinse, Brilliance Detangling Spray

Polishing Wash is an illuminating shampoo with shine-enhancing Sea Kelp(strengthens and protects), Activated Charcoal (helps buff and exfoliate hair of pollution, hard water, and product buildup), and Hibiscus (reduce hair loss). It is gentle enough for my sensitive scalp and keeps my hair nourished as well as shiny. It did not irritate my scalp but is soothing.

Radiance Rinse is a high gloss conditioner with fortifying Keratin Amino Acids (strengthen and fortify your hair to reduce split ends and breakage), Lavender Extract (moisturizes and enhances shine) and Cherry Vinegar (neutralizes hard water and closes the cuticle to give a glossy finish).

Brilliance Detangling Spray is a leave-in spray that detangles the hair while providing shine and softness to the hair. It is very lightweight and non-greasy. The key ingredients include Slippery Elm Bark (lubricates and heat-protects), Glycolic Acid and Camellia Flower Oil (moisturizers).

New Raincry Advanced Hair Mist review of Polishing Wash, Radiance Rinse, Brilliance Detangling Spray

Now, coming to the newest launches from Raincry. The advanced hair mist is a scent collection that not only infuses hair with hair caring ingredients but also makes them smell so good. The hair perfumes are enriched with amino acids, hydration, and signature Raincry fragrances. Raincry Advanced Hair Mist is available in four scents – Noir, Blanc, Vert, and Brun.

Noir Advanced Hair Mist
Top notes: Fresh Citrus Powder
Heart notes: Powder, Tangerine, Orange, Mint, Rose
Base notes: Creamy, Caramel

Blanc Advanced Hair Mist

Top notes: Soft Floral
Heart notes: Muguet, Apple Blossom, Heliotrope, Jasmine
Base notes: Morning Dew

Vert Advanced Hair Mist
Top notes: Watery Fresh Petals
Heart notes: Country Rose, Jasmine, Morning Dew, Muguet
Base notes: Powder, Amber

Brun Advanced Hair Mist

Fragrance: AMBER & OUD
Top notes: Exotic / Sensual
Heart notes: Amber, Oud, Ylang-Ylang, Vanilla
Base notes: Sandalwood, Violet

New Raincry Advanced Hair Mist review of Polishing Wash, Radiance Rinse, Brilliance Detangling Spray

I love using the advanced hair mists based on the weather and my mood, spray it lightly on my wet hair or spray it during the day for a quick refresh. I am impressed by the longevity of the scents and also how gentle they are. They do not dry out my hair and the scents blend in nicely to give a very natural subtle hint of scent and not very overpowering.

Overall, an amazing hair care range and the newest Advanced Hair Mists are definitely worth checking out. Raincry haircare collection including the newest Advanced Hair Mists is available at raincry.com.

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