AllEven London Colour Shield – Hydrating Protection Review

AllEven London Colour Shield – Hydrating Protection Review

AllEven London Colour Shield – Hydrating Tinted Protection is a new high-performance body concealer that offers unrivalled year-round skin perfection with visible elegance. This new luxury skin perfector AllEven London Colour Shield – Hydrating Tinted Protection, is an advanced hybrid body concealer that hydrates, veils, and protects the skin.

Supermodel Celia Forner conceived it with top International scientists to bring this world-class innovation to the beauty world debuting with a colour shield, the first of its kind to use colour to enhance skin's resistance to sun damage and aging while perfecting its appearance at the same time. Harnessing botanical ingredients and state-of-the-art technology, Colour Shield delivers ‘smart' pigments that instantly adapt to individual skin tones appearing natural any time of the year.

AllEven London Colour Shield

Since Makeup Artist Sir John Spilled the product that helped Beyonce look so flawless from head to toe at Coachella, this product has become the most sought-after body concealer. Colour Shield is a luxurious second skin anywhere you need, anytime you want.

A multi-tasking body concealer that instantly hides all skin imperfections, Colour Shield is a fine cosmetic veil delivering:

  • Airbrush perfection in a fine mist
  • It is a sunless glow with sun protection
  • A lightweight foundation with anti-aging benefits
  • In addition, a tinted moisturizer with perfect coverage
  • It has a matte, velvet-like finish. Also, it is nto sticky or white residue
  • A quick-drying formula that forms a mineral barrier for skin protection and hydration. Thus, there is maximum transfer, water, and rub resistance.
  • Easy and accurate continuous mist-on application
  • Lastly, Airbrush-like, Ozone Friendly
AllEven London Colour Shield

AllEven London Colour Shield is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and dehydrated and is available in three shades, Ivory, Sand, and Amber.

Key Ingredients

There is a unique combination of ingredients in AllEven London Colour Shield:

  • Coralline Red Algae and Diathomeus Clay (a mineral complex that protects cells from the effects of IR, VIS & UV light)
  • Titanium Dioxide(provides UVA & UVB protection with SPF20)
  • Melanin-Activating Peptide(stimulate skin’s own natural protection)
  • Also, Correcting and Special Effect Pigments( offer tone-adapting coverage, reflect light, blur and even out skin tone)
  • Advanced Colour Pigments (offer maximum coverage with lecithin coating to increase adherence to skin & prevents pigments from absorbing water)
  • Lastly, Lipid Plasma Compound (uses Sunflower Seed Oil, Spent Grain Wax, Shea Butter Extract & more to provide relief to sensitive skin, reduce redness and itching, & provide long-lasting hydration)
  • Also, it is formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates.
AllEven London Colour Shield

AllEven London Colour Shield – Hydrating Tinted Protection – Amber

The shade Amber above is suitable for medium to deeper skin tones. The shade of Sand is more suitable for my skin tone, a medium tan.

AllEven London Colour Shield - Hydrating Tinted Protection sand

AllEven London Colour Shield – Hydrating Tinted Protection – Sand

How To Use AllEven London Colour Shield?
  • You can apply it all over the body or in a specific area you wish to beautify.
  • Spray from a distance of 20cm. Spray using a continuous motion and in 2-3 seconds short bursts. Also, remember to shake the spray frequently between bursts.
  • Before getting dressed, let the product dry for 1-2 minutes and use your hand to check that it has dried to form a perfecting veil over the skin.
  • Lastly, it removes easily using water and your normal body wash.

The product is easy to apply, and the mist is fine and sprays evenly. It is a super lightweight aerosol airbrush body concealer. Therefore, it works hard and lasts for a long time. It looks like your skin is HD, airbrushed without it being too obvious, feels like you are wearing nothing on the skin, and it looks so natural and blends in too seamlessly. Also, it does make the skin look fresh and youthful, blurs imperfections and gives a luminous finish. It can be used on the whole body and even on the face to set makeup or to give an even-toned, air-brushed finish. The other great thing about this product is it’s waterproof, and it doesn’t transfer, even with sweat. Overall, I am looking forward to flaunting those beautiful dresses with deep backs and short lengths.

Where To Buy It?

AllEven London Colour Shield – Hydrating Protection is available at:

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