Byredo Space Black Mascara Review

Byredo Space Black Mascara Review

The perfect mascara does exist! I recently purchased this mascara from Byredo and adored the natural result I got. From the brush to the result, this mascara is sure to become your new best friend.

The Lash-Defining Space Black Mascara

Byredo Space Black Mascara Review

The space black mascara is easily recognizable thanks to its bright red, curved case. The sculpting mascara has a vegan formula made of 85% natural origin ingredients. Stretching your lashes from root to tip, this mascara is perfect for those who want long-defined lashes. The mascara has an intense black shade.

The Waterproof Edition

If you are looking for a mascara to stick with you throughout all your daily challenges, then the Tears in the Rain edition of the space black mascara is a must.

The Brush

Byredo Space Black Mascara Review

The mascara has a small, precise brush, making each application quick and easy. The lashes are tinted black and gain length without being weighed down or supercharged, which leaves a natural look. The buildable texture helps shape and lift the eye while defining the contour. Although the brush is small in size, it has significant results!

The Benefits

  • Flexible lashes.
  • Vegan Formula
  • Moisture-resistant mascara
  • High Definition
  • Long-lasting result.

Byredo Mascara Collection

The Byredo mascara collection is composed of three mascaras, all unique in their size and finish:

  • The space black mascara is available in a waterproof edition.
  • The Astronomical mascara has a dramatic volumizing effect on the lashes. It is available in black and intense burgundy shades.
  • The Eroded Echo mascara is a limited edition Blue/ Grey shade, Volumizing & curling mascara.
Byredo Mascara Review

My Review

After trying hundreds of mascaras, I finally found the best one. The Byredo Space black mascara is excellent for all-length lashes wanting a natural and easy-to-apply mascara. Its formula is lightweight, can be built up to achieve a fuller lash line if needed, and lasts all day. For those working in humid climates, I recommend the Waterproof edition. The space black mascara is perfect for those who dislike bulky or clumpy textures. Its tiny brush is comfortable to hand and comes off like a dream when removing makeup.

Also, other current favourites from Byredo that I recently reviewed are the Liquid Lipstick Vinyl (review here) and the Lipstick (review here).

Where To Buy It?

Byredo Space Black Mascara is available at:

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