Ellis Faas Lipstick Range Review

Ellis Faas Lipstick Range Review

Here is a lip-smacking review of Ellis Faas's entire lip range!

Four different textures and 36 lip shades make up the complete lipstick range from Ellis Faas. Each product was designed to be used in multiple ways and flatters every skin tone perfectly. After trying each product I selected my favourite shades and created this guide to help you choose yours. So let's get started!

Pssst: Another great point is that 10% of online Ellis Lips sales will be donated to War Child, helping children from Ukraine and other war zones.

Ellis Faas Lipstick Range Review
Creamy Lips

The Creamy Lip Range

This dreamy cream textured lipstick offers a traditional coverage with a long-wearing result. Light on the lip gives your lips a boost of vitamin E.

How to use it?

Its cushion applicator is very simple to use. Start by releasing a small amount of product to draw the lips and then fill them in with more product.

Ellis Faas Glazed Lips Review Swatches

The Shade

This pale peach tint L108 is a soft, warm pink shade. Gentle enough to wear daily it offers natural, plumped-up lips.

Good points:

-Quick to apply

-Comfortable texture

-Possibility to Build-up coverage.

Milky Lips

The Milky Lips Range

This light fluid offers a highly pigmented, covering shade. If you don't like heavy textures then this one's for you. The finishing result varies from a glossy lip to a subtle stain.

How to use it?

Using the brush application, apply a small amount of fluid to the lip. Then either fill in the lip or tap it on for a matte stained look.

Ellis Faas Lipstick Range Review

The Shade

The name gives us a good idea of the intensity of this shade. The Blood red L201 Shade offers a deep, audacious colour to your look.

Good points:

-Extra light texture.

-A small amount goes far.

Ellis Faas Lipstick Review
Glazed Lips

The Glazed Lips Range

This highly-pigmented, non-sticky lip-gloss offers an ultra-wet look. With its long-lasting formula, it tints the lip leaving slight transparency. Enriched in Omegas 3 and 6 your lips look and feel fuller.

How to use it?

Using the brush applicator you apply the gloss according to the desired look. To even out the shade pinch your lips.

Ellis Faas Lipsticks Review Swatches

The Shade

The sheer deep coral L307 offers an orangy pink pop to your lip. The reflecting light adds volume, whilst the time discreetly adds some warmth to your look.

My Opinion

-Not sticky.

-Moisturizes the lips.

-Smooths lip lines.

Ellis Faas Creamy Lips Review swatches
Ellis Faas Milky Lips Review Swatches
Hot Lips

The Hot Lips Range

This ridiculously pigmented lipstick will last you forever. A small amount of this non-greasy, vibrant colour will offer you a high coverage shade. Longwearing, it is perfect for meals or nights out. Although it is long wear, the texture does not dry out your lips.

How to use it?

Start with a tiny amount of product and draw the contour of your lips. After that fill in the lips with more product and tap for even distribution.

Ellis Faas Hot Lips Review Swatches

The Shade

The L409 pink nude offers a sophisticated, sharp lip colour. With an underlying beige tint, it matches all make-up styles.

My Opinion

-Little transfer.


-Colour popping.

I recently reviewed Ellis Faas Unforgettable Set and it is a must-have. I love how one set has a highlighter, blush, mascara, and lipstick. The packaging is gorgeous and so are the formulas.

Where To Buy It?

Ellis Faas Lipstick range is available at:

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