Guerlain KissKiss Bee Glow Review

Guerlain KissKiss Bee Glow Review

Guerlain and their Bee family are at it again! Whipping up a creamy, smooth lip balm with an amazing 98% natural ingredients. Yes, you heard right. This natural beauty will leave your lips smackingly shocked.

Guerlain KissKiss Bee Glow Review
Bee-tween skincare and makeup

The new Guerlain Kisskiss Bee glow-tinted lip balm is sculpted from honey and naturally derived actives. When applied the balm delivers a syrup-like glow to the lips. Whilst it makes you look great it is also deeply nourishing, softening and plumping your lips. Day by day I could feel my lips getting softer and healthier.

Guerlain KissKiss Bee Glow Review

These balms are a step closer to skincare with a rich, honey-based formula. Here's why:

-Honey: A natural restoring and nourishing active.

-Propolis: Adds comfort and plumps up the lips.

-Beeswax: Giving the product its amazing texture. It slides effortlessly on the lip.

-Hyaluronic acid & Shea butter: Offer 24h moisturization.

Guerlain KissKiss Bee Glow Review
Poppy glow 775
6 shades of honey

Guerlain released the product in 6 different shades, leaving us with plenty of choices. Three selected shades are inspired by the colour of the bee's favourite flowers. Let's take a look at the colours:

  • Natural beige 309
  • Delicate pink 258
  • Fuchsia glow 409
  • Peche glow 319
  • Lavender glow 809
  • Poppy glow 775 (Swatched for your reference)

All of the tints have a fine coverage that you can build up on the lip. With a shiny finish, your lips are softly tinted.

Guerlain KissKiss Bee Glow
A work of art

I was so proud when I pulled this beauty out of my bag. It's gold, it's shiny, it's very much bling!

Created by a French designer, the Kisskiss case turned to gold in 2021. I adore the details brought to this collection such as the iconic bee engraving on the top. I also found these lids to be a little more protective when it comes to heat and chocs. That said, keep it well away from direct sunlight.

Guerlain KissKiss Bee Glow Swatches
Poppy glow 775
Good to know

When wearing the Guerlain Kisskiss bee glow you have two options:

Wear it alone. This will revive your lip colour and slight tint it. Moisturizing your lip with a glossy shine.

Under a lipstick: If you find your lipstick a little dry or have dryer lips, then this is a game-changer

Where To Buy It?

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