Guerlain Parure Gold Skin Matte Foundation Review

Guerlain Parure Gold Skin Matte Foundation Review

The masters of makeup are at it again in the Guerlain house. Recently releasing their new 24h matte finish Parure gold collection that includes the foundation and Parure Gold Skin Foundation Brush. It was time for me to give it a try.

Guerlain Parure Gold Skin Matte Foundation
Guerlain Parure Gold Skin Matte Foundation

Regarding combining skincare and makeup, Guerlain is the best.

  • Skincare: Parure gold is a massive 85% rejuvenating skin care-based makeup in this new edition. Improved and upgraded, the foundation delivers a youthful glow with each application.
  • Re-appearing numbers: I don't know if the number is magic, but this foundation keeps improving. With a hint of pure 24-karat gold, it offers 24-hour hold, 24h hydration, and, you guessed it, 24 hours of comfort, which is something matte foundations lack.
  • Results: The finished look should leave you with an even skin tone and a redefined complexion. The foundation's newest formula also has an impressive no-transfer complex, helping you look your best for longer.
  • Texture: Available in 18 shades ranging from the fairest to the darkest, the creamy textures melt into the skin. Easy to blend out, the foundation forms a thin but high coverage on the skin. This is a must for a natural finish.
Guerlain Parure Gold Skin Matte Foundation Review
What's Inside?

Alongside the hint of 24 karat gold is the potent and elegantly fragranced peony flower. Used from head to toe in the formula, Guerlain didn't waste one drop:

  • White peony petal extract: Help strengthen the skin barrier, hydrating.
  • Root extract: Even out the skin texture and add radiance.
The Bottle

Guerlain has also made some pretty good improvements on the bottle itself. With a more considerate approach to the universe, the brand produced recycled bottles. You can now 100% recycle your bottle once having removed your reusable screw pump. It looks great, but you are getting a little more inside. The original bottles were 30ml and have risen to 35ml.

Guerlain Parure Gold Skin Matte Foundation
Guerlain Parure Gold Foundation Brush Review
My Review

I am excited that Guerlain released a contemporary take on a favourite of mine. Parure gold was THE foundation to have back in the day. Although the trend has recently been the fresh, glowy skin look, Guerlain released a matte finish. Maybe they are ahead of the game…

Guerlain Parure Gold Skin Matte Foundation Swatches

I tried the foundations for a few days to get the best feedback possible.

  • Application: The foundation's texture is dreamy. Not only does it blend out quickly, but it also leaves a natural result. Using the Parure Gold Skin Foundation Brush, one pump of the foundation was enough for my whole face. But you can, if wanted, apply it with your fingers for less coverage.
  • Finish: I applied the foundation after my regular hydrating cream and was not disappointed. Rapidly setting into place, I could feel my skin loving the formula. Hydrating and long-lasting, the parure gold offers the skin a fresh, smooth finish. Ideal for all ages, the product didn't move throughout the day.
  • No transfer: I have never had a foundation that stays in place so well. I didn't notice any cracks, smudges or patches throughout the day. I fixed it with a loose powder, but alone it would have been enough.
Where To Buy It?

Guerlain Parure Gold Skin Matte Foundation is available at:

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