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Guerlian Double R Serum and My Essentials For Fall

Guerlian Double R Serum and My Essentials For Fall

You might know by now if you have been following me here or on my social handles, Guerlain is a brand that I have trusted for years and still it is one of those brands from which I expect luxury and performance at the same time. Trust is a big word and through my experience as a consumer, I have purchased, repurchased from the brand in the past and still do because it is one of the best. I attended the launch event for the new Double R Serum which I have been able to finally test and share with you guys. I am also sharing two makeup products from Guerlain which I have been using regularly in my routine.

 Guerlain Double R Renew & Repair Serum, Guerlain Terracotta 2018 - Terracotta Light, and Guerlain Meteorites base

Guerlain Double R Renew & Repair Serum

Guerlain Double R Renew & Repair Serum combines the ultimate anti-aging corrective technology from Abeille Royale with a soft-peel treatment for highly effective action on the visible signs of aging: loss of skin elasticity and firmness, wrinkles, dull skin, imperfections, large pores.

‘Renew / Innovative Soft Peeling Technology – Three major acids (lactic, citric and glycolic) are gradually diffused, resulting in a gentle and continuous “new skin” effect: skin texture is refined and radiance is restored. Their slow and constant journey between the maze-like strata of the “lamellar gel” formula optimizes skin tolerance. This makes daily application possible and limits the risk of redness or skin reactions. Its progressive diffusion delivers a combination of AHAs that doubles skin renewal while remaining gentle on the epidermis.**

Repair / Exclusive Lifting Effect Technology – It took eight years of collaboration with the leading figures of the French Cosmetic Valley to shed light on the role of this gene. Like a skin repair “contractor”, it encourages proper skin structure. By targeting this new entity, the Repair formula helps to both stimulate the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and repair fragmented collagen. The formula helps create and restructure substance for firmer, more elastic skin and sharper contours.’

 Guerlain Double R Renew & Repair Serum, Guerlain Terracotta 2018 - Terracotta Light, and Guerlain Meteorites base

First, the packaging of the serum is beautiful, divided into two completely separate parts, the bottle maintains the integrity of each formula until the moment of application. When pressed, the pump releases just the right dose of each formula to ensure optimal effectiveness. The texture of the serum is creamy and smooth, glides and soaks into the skin rapidly.

I have been using this new serum as a single treatment after toning and before moisturizing and also in conjunction with the Guerlain Youth Watery oil (I have been a long time fan of this and on my second bottle already, reviewed here. If you have not tried it, I highly recommend to check this, especially for fall and winter) as a pre-serum, followed by the Double R Serum. I have been really noticing my skin is radiant, the quality and texture of the skin are improved. My skin looks and feels smooth, fuller, and supple. I am really liking the results and what better season could it be to test this other than fall, the soft skin peeling is very gentle and I do not feel any irritation or sensitivity, but the skin looks refined and has improved texture. It is gentle yet effective, can be used day and night. One pump is all I need for my full face and an extra pump for my neck and decollete. With or without Youth Watery Oil, it does not feel sticky or oily on the skin, it absorbs nicely giving a beautiful glow to the skin at the time of application as well as during the day. I do not feel any dryness or breakouts from using this.

 Guerlain Double R Renew & Repair Serum, Guerlain Terracotta 2018 - Terracotta Light, and Guerlain Meteorites base

Guerlain Terracotta 2018 – Terracotta Light

Guerlain Terracotta 2018 – Terracotta Light is the new formula of Guerlain Terracotta enriched with skincare active ingredients combined with a blend of subtle shades to revive the complexion with a featherlight touch. ‘It is designed like a multi-toned springtime sun, it is adorned with fine pearl particles to warm up the complexion with a sheer finish. Pink and coral rays create a fresher complexion and more vibrant skin, for a sun-kissed healthy glow and a natural result. This perfect balance comes in six harmonies to beautifully enhance every type of beauty.’ Infused at the heart of the powder, a cocktail of antioxidant active ingredients, vitamins C and E and energizing minerals helps skin to protect itself against free radicals and pollution* and delivers long-lasting comfort. Glowing with vitality, the complexion has never been so radiant. Last but not least, its texture as light as a second skin and its sunny ylang-ylang and orange blossom fragrance is a real delight.

 Guerlain Double R Renew & Repair Serum, Guerlain Terracotta 2018 - Terracotta Light, and Guerlain Meteorites base

Being a fan of Classic Terracotta, I am well aware of how cult and beautiful this product is, the Classic Terracotta was the first product I purchased from Guerlain and I have never looked back, it is one of my all-time favorite bronzers. After seeing this new launch, I was so excited to try it and I am happy I did. As you see in the embossing, it is not single shade but two shades, and in harmony, they give a beautiful sunkissed look to the complexion which looks fresh as well as natural. It is perfect for a vacation or for daily use which looks radiant yet natural. The powder is finely milled, buildable, and the texture is very smooth, blends in the skin seamlessly.

Guerlain Meteorites base

Guerlain Meteorites base is another product I have been using since last few months as a makeup base. It is a skin-perfecting and anti-dullness make-up base. The fresh gel texture melts with the rosy pearls to give skin a plumpy finish while a combination of absorbent powders and a special polymer neutralizes excess sebum and helps to conceal blemishes for a long-lasting matte complexion that gradually becomes more even with each application. Thanks to the Stardust technology, a diamond powder encapsulated in microspheres, light is reflected in a new direction to create soft-focus perfecting halo. Multi-colored pearlescent flecks maximize the diffusion of light and delicately correct the complexion thanks to the unique mix of colors, the signature of the Météorites range. It has a delicate violet fragrance, inimitable and totally addictive.

 Guerlain Double R Renew & Repair Serum, Guerlain Terracotta 2018 - Terracotta Light, and Guerlain Meteorites base

At first I thought it might be pinkish or whitish for my medium tan skin tone with golden undertones but as I started using it, It has a neutral finish on the skin but it does works in creating a nice base for makeup, controls my oily areas on the skin, makeup stays on put for almost the whole day when I have this on. I do feel it blurs out my problem areas and gives a natural radiance to the skin. For your reference, I love the original Meteorites powder which I am still on my first box which I purchased sometime back, I use it on the days when nothing else works or my skin is behaving I reach out to it for blurring effect and radiance – all in one. I do love the L’Or primer (reviewed here) from Guerlain which is my most favorite if I compare with this Meteorites base. I would say they both are classic but I do love my L’Or a little more than this.

With some amazing new launches and permanent products from Guerlain, I am still a fan and do advise you to check the products out. The new Double R Serum is worth checking out if you are looking for a serum that gives all in one repair, protection, and maintenance. Guerlain Double R Renew & Repair Serum, Guerlain Terracotta 2018 – Terracotta Light, and Guerlain Meteorites base is available at Hudson’s Bay, Beautyboutique by Shoppers Drug Mart, Sephora Canada, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Holt Renfrew.


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