Laura Mercier RoseGlow Collection Review

Laura Mercier RoseGlow Collection Review

If you are a fan of powdered blushes, then I have news for you. Laura Mercier recently released her Rose glow collection 2022 with its extra smooth textures. A true game changer!

Laura Mercier RoseGlow Collection 2022 Review
RoseGlow Blush Color Infusion

The colour infusion blush range offers you a massive 10-hour-long no-budge look. The perfect union between a highlighter and a blush leaves you with a stunning, radiant, flushed cheek.

Natural, luminous and long-lasting, this blush structures your cheeks in the most glorious ways. The lightweight powder is made of micro-fine colour pigments that smoothly allow you to build up and blend the shades. The colour infusion blush is available in 3 different textures that you can switch and swap depending on the desired look.

Laura Mercier RoseGlow Blush Color Infusion Review Swatches
Laura Mercier RoseGlow Blush Color Infusion Review Swatches
Laura Mercier RoseGlow Blush Color Infusion Review Swatches

RoseGlow Blush shades:

These shades are enriched with ultra-fine pearl powder. Blending out effortlessly, it is suitable for warm and cool skin tones, creating a fresh, dewy look.

  • Peach Shimmer: Vibrant and fun. It adds a warm sun-kissed shade to your cheeks.
  • All That Sparkles: A softer, pale pink shade that creates a fresh, dewy glow.
  • Very Berry: A deeper pink/ purple shade adds a more prominent touch to the cheeks.

Sheen shades: Highly pigmented in colour, the sheen shades allow you to warm your cheeks and add a light luminous finish.

Matte shades: No worries if you don't like the dewy looks. With these matte shades, there is no shine at all. Leaving you with a freshly powdered look all day long.

RoseGlow Highlighting Powder
Laura Mercier RoseGlow Highlighting Powder Review Swatches

To complete your look, use the Laura Mercier RoseGlow highlighting powder. With one universal shade, it flatters all skin tones offering a rosy shine to the cheeks. Reflecting light helps to bring structure to your look without a glittery finish. The highlighter uses finely-milled pearls to reflect light, creating a no-makeup/makeup look. The dewy look is highly trending for this summer period, with makeup artists making that fresh skin baby-faced style.

Laura Mercier RoseGlow Collection 2022 Review
Laura Mercier RoseGlow Collection 2022 Review
My Review

When it comes to hotter weather, I believe that less is more. Hearing wonders about this new summer collection, I had to try it.

The blusher comes in a beautiful metallic rose casing and opens to a luminous pressed-blush powder. Shimmering away, the blush capture and reflects light effortlessly. Lightweight and super fine, you can not feel it on the skin. Perfect to wear alone or on makeup, I strongly advise moisturizing your skin before to avoid marked zones or patches. I needed very little product to get the rosy glow I wanted. You can use the blusher on the eyes and the cheeks for a rosy, metallic eyeshadow.

Laura Mercier RoseGlow Collection 2022 Review

I followed the blush with the highlighter to get an extra dewy look. And boy, oh boy, does this work well. My skin looked healthy and not glittery! This is also perfect for placing on your brow line, topper lip, and over lipstick for a shimmering look. The high-quality pearl powders found inside adapted perfectly to my light carnation. My dull, tired skin was a thing of the past.

Where To Buy It?

Laura Mercier RoseGlow Collection is available at:

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