MOB Beauty Review

MOB Beauty Review

MOB Beauty is the best option if you're looking for a natural shadow on your face. I love how you never notice where the makeup ends, and the natural skin colour begins. Here is the one product which makes makeup easy for ladies. Whether in business or getting ready for a party or any other occasion, MOB Beauty has varieties for you. The best part is that it all aligns with your skin complexion.

MOB Beauty Review

It always excites me to share on MOB Beauty. It all begins with the sustainable clean beauty idea. The packaging palette is reusable, recyclable, refillable, or repurposable. It's one of the most fascinating environmentally-friendly cosmetic products I have seen. If you care for the environment, you will love it too.

What More Do I Love About MOB Beauty

The packaging isn't the only thing I have loved about the product. However, it's one of my top reasons. There are also several other reasons, and I bet you'll like MOB Beauty too after knowing them.

Let's start with Lipstick M11, whose colour is carnation pink! The lipstick is loaded with pigment that guarantees a rich one-swipe colour payoff. It gives a soft, velvety finish and flexible texture coats, ensuring a creamy comfort feeling. Lipstick M11 has plant waxes, vitamins, and antioxidants that soothe, moisturize, and protect your lips.

Another MOB Beauty product I have loved is the Lip Balm M25. The product has an infusion of mimosa, sunflower oils, and jojoba that cushions your lips from dryness. The Lip Balm 25 is a honey rose-coloured balm with a glossy, lush finish.

MOB Beauty lipstick Review
MOB Beauty Blush Review

Away from the lips, MOB Beauty also has the best eye mascara you can find around. I love the MOB Beauty Volumizing Mascara M66. The mascara has no clumping, good definition, and intensely volumized coverage.

Another excellent MOB Beauty product for eye splendour is the Cake Liner M41. It's a thick ink powder liner that creates endless liner looks. The cake liner is clean, long-wearing, vegan, smudge-proof, and talc-free.

Face Makeup

Now to the general face makeup. If you're looking for that buttery-silky texture or non-drying matte finish, Bronzer M42 is for you! The Bronzer M42 is a rose brown face product. The colour intensity increases with more layers. Besides, it can double up as a contour. Bronzer M42 is clean, vegan, talc-free, and long-wearing.

MOB Beauty mascara Review
MOB Beauty Review

For my highlighter, I use the Highlighter M51, which I would recommend. It's a shimmering rose gold shade. The finely crushed pearls provide a light layer when applied. With M51, you have a non-drying illumination and buttery texture that is vegan, clean, and talc-free.

To further create a soft cushion-cloud texture, radiance, and a soft-focus matte finish using Cream Clay Blush M68 is advisable. Besides, it is a multi-use and sheers to saturated blush used for lips, cheeks, or any other body part you want to colour. M68 is a strawberry pink shade long-wearing, vegan, clean, and skincare-infused.

MOB Beauty Review

MOB Beauty also has numerous eye-shadow guarantees pro-quality payoff, non-drying, smooth texture. It also comes with rich buttery pigments that easily bled without any fallout. It's talc-free, clean, vegan, and long-wearing. MOB Beauty Eye-shadow comes in several shades, including;

  • M5 – Matte Peach shade.
  • M28 – Matte Violet Brown shade.
  • M33 – Matte Guava shade.
  • M47 – Shimmering Bronze Gold shade.
  • M65 – Matte Brown Plum shade.
MOB Beauty Review

Whether you want eyes, face, or lips makeup products, I recommend MOB Beauty.

Where To Buy MOB Beauty?

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