Nail care that offers beauty and health in just two layers | Discover the NEW Manucurist Active Varnish Range

Nail care that offers beauty and health in just two layers | Discover the NEW Manucurist Active Varnish Range

Ladies and gents, I've discovered a revolutionary product in nail care. The Manucurist Active Varnish Collection is a game-changer that allows you to grow out your nails with just two coats effortlessly. Its unique formula eliminates needing a top coat or base coat, making your nail care routine a breeze!

Manucurist Active glow Varnish Range Review

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The active glow varnish collection.

The Manucurist has redefined nail care with its active collection. This innovative product simplifies your nail routine to just two layers. The active collection, available in various shades, is designed to suit all skin tones, ensuring everyone can enjoy its benefits.

Get stronger nails in just two weeks.

I purchased the active glow nail varnish in Raspberry and love how it adds a subtle pink tint to the natural nail. Like a top coat, the varnish leaves an ultra-shiny finish and also smooths any lines or uneven zones on the nail.

As a long-time user of Manucurist products, I was initially skeptical about the active varnish range. However, I am happy, within two weeks of use, my nails had grown out without any breakage. The treatment polish has an ultra-glowy finish containing 85.5% plant-based ingredients. It's enriched with nourishing actives like sweet almond oil, raspberry extracts, and AHAs, which work together to restore your nail health and enhance its beauty.

Manucurist Active glow nail Varnish Range Review

Available shades.

  • Raspberry
  • Blueberry
  • Smooth
  • Bright
  • Shine

You can purchase the active glow varnishes one by one or in a duo/ trio set.

My review.

The active glow varnishes are great for those with weakened or broken nails. Rich in nail care activities, the formula will provide all your nails need to look and feel great. This collection is ideal for the simple manicure girls who want a shiny, discreet finish to their hands and feet.

Where To Buy It?

Manucurist Active Varnish Range is available at:

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