Make Your Cheeks Pop Using The NEW Nars Blushes – Review

Make Your Cheeks Pop Using The NEW Nars Blushes – Review

Nars has just unveiled its upgraded collection of powder-based blushes. A versatile range that can transform your look from subtle to bold. With a rich pigment and a silky-smooth texture that's a dream to blend, these beauties offer endless possibilities for your makeup collection. Discover the unique features of these blushes and get ready to experiment with your look.

NEW Nars Blushes - Full Review

What is the difference between the original and new Nars blush?

If you're familiar with the previous Nars blush collection, you'll be delighted to know that the latest collection has been upgraded to deliver even better results. Thanks to its upgraded powdered texture, the blush formula now lasts longer and smoother. With a long-lasting finish lasting up to 16 hours, this blush is a reliable choice for everyday use and professional makeup artists.

My Review

I purchased the NEW Nars blush in the latest shades and instantly fell in love. As a big fan of the previous blushers, I was more than impressed with how much better this blush works on the skin. The new Nars shades are all beautiful, and my favourite “Orgasm” shade now comes in so wide varieties (my favourite being the 778). I sometimes wear it alone for a natural and soft look or layered for a more colourful cheek. The blusher's texture suits all skin types and doesn't leave any patchy finish upon application.

NEW Nars Review

Different ways to apply your blush.

  • The classic method.

Blush has long been used in the beauty industry to lift the complexion and add a touch of femininity to a look. The classic method applies the blush to the apple of the cheek. Gently smile and use it to the risen parts of the cheeks. This gives the skin a soft, flushed look.

  • Contour with a blush.

Another way to use your blush is for contouring. For this, it's best to choose warmer, darker shades. Apply the blush to the cheekbone and swipe towards the ears. This technique adds structure and definition to the face, making it a great touch for more sophisticated events.

  • Drape your blush.

Draping is one of the less used techniques, but it offers a great glow and a more dramatic effect on makeup. Start by applying the blusher higher on the cheekbone and dragging it out into the temples.

Also, I love the Afterglow Liquid Blush from the brand (review here). Nars Sweet Sensations Afterglow Collection has been on heavy rotation since it launched (review here).

Where To Buy It?

Nars Blushes are available at:

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