Omorovicza Face Glow Review

Omorovicza Face Glow Review

The restorative characteristics of Hungary's hot springs inspired the creation of Omorovicza. The company's founder, Stephen De Heinrich de Omorovicza wanted to leverage the water's medicinal abilities to create something that could carry minerals deep into the skin. They developed the Healing Concentrate with the support of science, which led to the brand's success.

Omorovicza Face Glow Review
Omorovicza Face Glow

The face glow is a beautifully scented product that works as a self-tanner giving a natural golden glow to the skin.

Key ingredients

The important ingredients in the face glow are:

  • Almond oil helps in gaining the elasticity of the skin and toning it.
  • The Apple pectin provides hydration and makes skin supple.
  • The Healing concentrate makes the skin firm and youthful.
Omorovicza Face Glow Review


  • Provides a subtle tan to the skin.
  • Delivers a natural glow.
  • Keeps skin hydrated for a longer duration.
  • Can be used on all skin types.
Omorovicza Face Glow Review
My Experience

I have always wanted to try a tan look but my skin gets sunburned easily so it's hard for me to get it naturally. I tried using the spray tans or other forms of fake tans and they did look good. The only problem with using them was the patches that came after the tan started to fade. It also left my skin extremely dry. The tan also looked fake as it would sometimes give an unusual shade of brown and left an orange tinge while fading. Some of them didn't even last long and would come off with sweat which looked rather hideous.

Omorovicza Face Glow Swatch

The face glow is by far one of the best fake tans I have ever used. The coverage of the product is great so you need a very small amount for getting perfect results which is why even this small bottle lasts quite a good time. I have heard a lot of compliments since I started using it as it gave a natural flow to my skin. Even when it starts to fade, it does not leave any patches. The ingredients are used to make my skin soft and make it look healthier. The tan is amazing and looks perfectly natural.

Where To Buy It?

Omorovicza Face Glow is available at:

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