Orcé Cosmetics Foundation, Setting Powder Review

Orcé Cosmetics Foundation, Setting Powder Review

Beauty enthusiast Yu-Chen Shih was long overlooked by the cosmetic industry because of her culture and the little choice she had around her products. In most Asian countries, light-toned skin is a sign of beauty, but she put her modern opinion into action and created Orcé. Here, every skin tone is celebrated. The brand is designed for the bold, unstoppable woman who leaves their mark in this world. The products are animal cruelty-free and tested each time. Another promise that Orcé makes is that you always receive an untouched, sealed product.

Orcé Cosmetics Review
Come Closer Skin Perfecting Serum Foundation
Orcé Cosmetics Foundation Review

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The only foundation created by Orcé. Camouflaging imperfections smoothes and adds a youthful glow to your skin. A light texture that is buildable gives you different options depending on the coverage you would like. Its silky finish looks and feels like a second skin, enhancing your beauty. The foundation itself is oil-free and enriched in well-known skincare ingredients.

Orcé Cosmetics Foundation Review Swatches

Let's take a look:

  • Tahitian pearl: The skins treasure. Targeting and preventing dark spots, to leave you with even skin. It stimulates your collagen cells.
  • Hyaluronic acid: time to plump it up. Capturing moisture and holding it in the skin for longer periods. It plump's and smooths fine lines.
  • Evodia rutaecarpa: glow up. Bringing a boost of light and a smooth skin texture. This is the perfect finish.
Orcé Cosmetics Setting Powder Review

To apply the foundation. We recommend a sponge or brush. You can buy the foundation with the Orcé sponge, so you are ready to go.

Come Closer Perfecting Setting Powder
Orcé Cosmetics Setting Powder Review

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This ultrafine, invisible loose powder is the finishing touch to your make-up. Mattifying any excess shine without absorbing your skin's moisture or natural glow. It is a light and natural powder that was created to match Asian complexions and works amazingly for all the others. It is a talc-free composition, meaning no pale face when having photos taken. The powder offers smooth skin, with pores and fine lines reduced. It is contained in a pot it is easy to use and manage the quantity of product you apply. Apply it with a brush for a natural matte finish or a sponge for a more powdered look. Also, you can wear it after your foundation or alone.

Perfecting Makeup Sponge
Orcé Cosmetics Sponge Review

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Speaking of sponges, Orcé has its own. When applying makeup, good tools can change the result you achieve.

This ultra-soft and bouncy make-up sponge will become the most used tool in your makeup bag. Its water drop shape makes it easy to hold and control. It is easier to reach smaller zones with a bigger slanted edge than usual sponges. The latex-free foam makes this sponge suitable for all skin types. You can use it for different products and techniques such as blending and contouring (If you apply too much product simply flip your sponge it will absorb the excess). To keep a soft, flexible sponge, wash it regularly with soap and water. Also, make sure to leave it to dry on a towel before popping it into your makeup bag.

Where To Buy It?

Orcé Cosmetics is available at:

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